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The HCI Group MEDITECH Data Migration

MEDITECH Data Migration Services

HCI is committed to meeting the needs of our clients during your MEDITECH Data Migration project through innovative services that offer collaborative, customized solutions for their IT challenges.  Our solutions are anchored in proven methodologies and best practice standards. Through our vast experience in these types of projects, we know what it takes to ensure success during yours. We pride ourselves on exuding the following qualities:

  • Specific Data Conversion Knowledge
  • Extensive Data Conversion Experience
  • Placing Value in Quality and Detail
  • Affordability for our Resources

MEDITECH Data Migration Services Offered

A large part of the success that you will find in your MEDITECH Data Migration project will be due to the staff and people that are assisting you, as opposed to the actual technology. We have several resources and options that we offer in order to make sure that this project will be run smoothly:

  • Integration Focused
    • Developers, Engine Upgrades, Enhancement, Application Training, Assessments, Project Management
  • Monthly Support Agreements
  • Legacy Support

MEDITECH Data Migration Project Deliverables

We know how to effectively and efficiently get the data from your old system and into your new one. By creating need-specific timelines and toolsets, we tailor the experience to best work for your organization. We pride ourselves on being thorough and detailed, and by using metrics to meet your requirements and guarantee success.

Our Proven MEDITECH Data Migration Practice

We understand that a data migration project may seem repetitive, but we strictly adhere to our formula for one main reason – it works to keep the project flowing in a timely manner. One of the most important things during a data conversion is keeping the data secure, and we can offer the services necessary to achieve this, as well as a successful data migration.

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