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The HCI Group

About The HCI Group

The HCI Group is a global leader in healthcare IT consulting with headquarters in Jacksonville, Florida and international headquarters in the United Kingdom. It offers a broad scope of healthcare IT solutions in more than 10 countries in North America, Europe, Middle East and Asia Pacific.

The HCI Group’s services include enterprise-wide advisory services, with a focus on IT system implementation and training, as well as specialty service lines in integration, testing, go-live, clinical adoption, optimization, HIMSS EMRAM consulting and cyber security.

A Smarter Approach To Healthcare IT

Few things are more important for the success of today’s healthcare systems than finding the right healthcare IT partner. Information system departments are busier than ever, managing large-scale EHR implementations, application and legacy support, help desk, hardware and device integration, data management, and telecom. The lists of projects in the pipeline are constantly evolving and endlessly complex. Resources are scarce, and leadership must demand partners that understand their needs and have the ability to bring considerable value through thoughtful solutions and competent support.

That’s why so many leading healthcare systems rely on the HCI Group for a smarter approach to healthcare IT.

From Johns Hopkins and Tenet Health to the United Kingdom, Middle East and beyond, we’ve developed a track record of proven excellence.

We can help your organization meet its goals, providing seasoned project leaders, informaticists, analysts and technical support to all ends of your project. Our services are provided using the brightest minds in the industry. Our solutions are marked by fresh thinking and creative solutions, deployed with a uniquely nimble responsiveness.

A Complete Range Of Healthcare IT Solutions

The HCI Group is a full-service organization that offers a complete range of healthcare IT services that are at the forefront of industry trends. Our solutions are tailored for you so that you gain the most value using cost-effective solutions. We focus holistically on every client’s needs and offer experienced resources, whether consulting or permanent, to help you achieve your goals. Your success is our mission.

Our Service Lines:

  • Advisory
  • Revenue Cycle /ICD-10
  • Implementation
  • Training and Adoption
  • Interface and Interoperability
  • Application and Integrated Testing
  • Activation / Go-Live Support
  • Reporting
  • Optimization
  • Sustaining Support
  • Data Migration
  • Legacy Support
  • Staff Augmentation

A Comprehensive, Principled Approach

Based on our extensive experience providing project support, we understand that each hospital, practice and healthcare system has its own unique blend of technology. We work to find practical solutions within the framework of today’s leading mix of healthcare information technologies and best practices.

We ask the right questions during the discovery phase, and we listen closely to your answers. Then, working side by side with your staff, we create innovative, custom-tailored solutions that meet established objectives. We monitor the plan and adapt as needed to most effectively achieve the best outcome.

As a leading international provider of IT solutions for healthcare systems, the HCI Group has built a proven track record on three continents.

We are driven by the belief that well-designed information systems can improve the quality of patient care. The HCI Group’s solutions will help drive project costs down and help you to stay on budget through sound and efficient solutions, thus saving you more over the long term..

“HCI are experienced, capable clinicians that have a true customer focused attitude and care deeply about patient care. I would use them again in a heartbeat. I still get comments from the staff about how much they helped. Great Job!”
—Mary Garrido MBA CPHIMS, VP, Chief Information Officer, Valley Baptist Health Systems

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