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The HCI Group EHR Go-Live Support

EHR Go-Live Support

Go-live support is more than the few critical weeks of activation.  We have your back.

Going live with your EHR system doesn’t have to be the high-stress transition many believe it to be. With HCI, you’ll have at-the-elbow go-live support from trained medical professionals who have a wealth of experience seeing healthcare systems through this critical time and can help you avoid common go-live pitfalls. We are there to support you to make activation and go-live remarkably smooth.

Before, During, and After Go-Live

To the HCI Group, go-live support is more than the few critical weeks of activation. This is why KLAS rank us as a leader in this category. Prior to go-live, we lay the groundwork that minimizes every possible risk and that helps win the acceptance of your physicians, nurses and other staff members. We study your system-wide workflows and follow checklists developed over the course of hundreds of go-live engagements. We follow similar protocols after the go-live is completed to confirm that your staff is fully prepared to use and support the new EHR system.

HCI's Go-Live Support Management:

  • Logistics
  • Deployment
  • Coaching
  • Issue Management
  • Assignment Coordination
  • Single Point of Contact
  • Management Reporting

Complimentary Resource Management

In a typical go-live support scenario, HCI deploys hundreds of our people throughout all departments, from admissions to ICU. Handling the myriad of logistic details such as housing, transportation and assignment coordination is something that is often overlooked. Our resource-management service takes care of every detail, relieving your own staff of yet another burden. This helps assure your EHR implementation and transition is virtually seamless to both patients and staff. We also provide an efficient single point of contact and timely management reporting, and there is absolutely no charge.

HCI Go-Live Resources

  • Technical Skills
  • Go-Live Experience
  • People Skills
  • Clinical Skills

High Tech, "Soft" Skills

All of the people HCI provides for your go-live must have multiple previous activation experiences before we deploy them. But it’s not enough that they have advanced technical and clinical experience. They also have the “soft” skills that reassure your end-users and help achieve total staff acceptance. With their calming influence and “point-here, click-there” assistance, our people become trusted mentors. We understand how to bring even your most change-resistant people into the fold, gently but surely.

EHR Go-Live Support

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