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The HCI Group Epic Careers

Epic Careers

As a valued partner with Epic Corporation, we work to support its corporate mission and values. 

Working with the HCI Group provides you with a rapidly expanding base of Epic career opportunities, as we experience focused growth and expansion of our client base globally. Our consultants now span eleven time zones from North America to the Middle East. The HCI Group has Epic certified career opportunities that top consultants want, with access to a variety of proprietary positions.

HCI Group consultants appreciate our personalized approach to their needs while on a project, and we also understand through experience how challenging life can be on the road. You are not alone, and you will find that the HCI Group staff will be there throughout your project.

We think in terms of your Epic career, not just a single project.

As part of our team, you will be given superb support, exciting career paths and opportunities that will both build your Epic knowledge base and help to meet your educational goals. Your ambitions and goals are important to us, and as a strategic partner to Epic, we will work diligently to provide you with an exceptional experience, continued training and competitive benefits.

List of Epic Careers by module/certification:

  • Epic ADT/Prelude (Admission, Discharge, Transfer)
  • Epic Ambulatory
  • Epic ASAP (ER)
  • Epic Beacon (Chemotherapy)
  • Epic Beaker (Lab)
  • Epic Bridges (Interfaces)
  • Epic Cadence (Scheduling)
  • Epic ClinDoc (Clinical Documentation)
  • Epic Cogito (Clinical Data Storage for Analytics)
  • Epic Community Connect (Extending your instance of Epic to surrounding ambulatory clinics and hospitals)
  • Epic Cupid (Cardiology)
  • EpicCare Link (Epic's web-based application for connecting organizations to their community affiliates)
  • Epic HIM: (Health Information Management)
  • Epic Home Health (portable care management tool for home care providers)
  • Epic ICU ( Intensive Care Unit)
  • Epic Identity (ID management application)
  • Epic Kaleidoscope (Ophthalmology
  • Epic MyChart (Patient Portal)
  • Epic OpTime (Operating Room)
  • Epic Orders
  • Epic Phoenix (Transplants)
  • Epic Radiant (Radiology)
  • Epic Resolute (Revenue Cycle).
  • Epic Stork (Obstetrics)
  • Epic Tapestry (Automates key workflows and tasks associated with managed care administration)
  • Epic Willow (Pharmacy)
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The HCI Group Epic Consultants
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