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    The HCI Group Data Migration Services

    Application and Infrastructure Analytics and Visualization

    Assessing and improving the performance of your IT infrastructure drive innovation and digital transformation within your healthcare organization.

    One of biggest problems facing healthcare organizations in this new age of digital transformation is the lack of visibility into the application environment.

    HCI provides real-time correlation and visualization across legacy and modern cloud applications and infrastructure. You can view, troubleshoot and plan complex cloud and data-center applications and infrastructure for your healthcare organization.

    See a real-time view of your IT infrastructure’s performance through analytics, correlation and visualization. Actionable insights enable you to reduce MTTR (Mean time to repair) from days to minutes, optimize resources, minimize migration risks and automate compliance reporting.

    With HCI, you can visualize in minutes:

    • The global health of all data centers, cloud and the infrastructure within
    • All business processes and their operational status
    • All applications within each business process, pinpointing the application causing performance issues for the business process
    • The health of all transactions, including volume, response time and errors within specific applications
    • The root cause of transaction performance issues from the services layer or the infrastructure layer
    • Current capacity and utilization of assets, as well as predictive algorithms
    • Proof of control for compliance requirements
    • Predictive analytics for planning new application launches and future capacity
    • Threat vectors by device, application or for your entire environment
    • Dependency details at every device level for migration planning and change management

    You also can quickly produce:

    • Dependency details at every device level for operational or change management
    • Device logins directly from topology view
    • Device groups for migrations, monitoring and other events
    • Time-series correlation of events between different domains
    • Business analytics and easy visual queries on all stored data
    • Dynamic inventory views with logical and physical attributes
    • Operational overlay of data on topology, inventory and application dependency maps
    • Dynamic topology maps

    Are you ready to reduce IT operating costs for your healthcare organization and free-up resources to focus on innovative value-adding initiatives?

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    Contact us to learn more

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