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The HCI Group Data Migration Services

Cloud Advisory and Migration Services

Storing, securing and accessing data internally grows ever more costly and complicated for healthcare organizations.

Deploying a plethora of desktops and maintaining a myriad of servers also consume time and resources that could be better used for innovative initiatives which provide value for an organization.

The cloud can be a strategic differentiator for healthcare organizations.

  • Agility to build new business capabilities faster is key
  • Faster responsiveness to organizational needs is achieved
  • IT transforms to become “Innovation Hub”

Many healthcare organizations have moved beyond discussing “Why Cloud” to “What to move to Cloud.”  They want to focus on their “core” competencies and services.

  • New model has emerged in IT Managed Services
  • Healthcare organizations are outsourcing the Cloud Management
  • Standardization of IT processes has accelerated

HCI’s Cloud Advisory and Migration Services can help healthcare organizations reduce costs and free up internal resources for value-adding initiatives that advance digital transformation.

  • Cloud advisory and readiness assessment services
  • Cloud security assessment services
  • Cloud application migration services

Our framework for cloud migration for healthcare organizations consists of a six-step process that covers all of the critical aspects of cloud migration.

  • It begins with the Pre-Migration Advisory efforts where we analyze and uncover the different benefits that can be had from the cloud.
  • The framework then moves onto Architecture Assessment, Solution Modeling, Execution and Testing, each with its own detailed set of sub-processes.
  • It ends with Post-Migration Support and continuous improvement.

In syncing with best practices from migrations across the globe, our cloud migration process helps you harness the efficiency of the cloud while avoiding the cost overruns associated with an ill-planned cloud migration approach.

HCI helps healthcare organizations realize value from the cloud.

Strategic Advisory

  • Transformation Strategies
  • Readiness Assessment
  • Growth Strategies


  • Cloud DC
  • Public/Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure
  • Cloud Integration

Migration and Management Services

  • Infrastructure
  • Application
  • OS/Platform

SaaS Services

  • Horizontal solution
  • Vertical solutions

In assisting healthcare organizations in migrating to the cloud, HCI is helping to improve our industry through a combination of disruptive innovation and cost reduction.

Contact us to learn more about how HCI’s Cloud Advisory and Migration Services can help healthcare organizations reduce costs and achieve true digital transformation by harnessing the efficiency of the cloud.

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