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    The HCI Group Data Migration Services

    Infrastructure Management Services

    Transition from keeping-the-lights-on activity by freeing up much needed resources and time to deliver on value added initiatives and innovation

    Today’s healthcare IT leaders face the ever-increasing demands of demonstrating value on technological investments while leading their respective organizations down the path of digital maturity.

    In order to meet the challenge, HIT leaders must recognize the need to shift from the focus and spend associated with keeping-the-light-on (KTLO), to providing value by aligning limited human capital resources with the business imperatives driven by the organization’s strategic plan.

    This paradigm shift, in itself, however, does not alleviate HIT leaders from the burden or responsibility of managing and maintaining a robust, scalable and resilient IT Infrastructure; those requirements, along with data security have only increased. 

    HIT leaders must decide how to best meet all of the demands. Taking stock in an organization’s core competencies can help. Then they can align resources accordingly while finding viable partners to manage complex and mission-critical IT infrastructure.

    Infrastructure management services can help healthcare organizations reduce costs and free up internal resources for value-adding initiatives that advance digital transformation.

    HCI’s infrastructure management services for healthcare organizations encompass six key components in the IT ecosystem.

    • Network
    • Service desk
    • Desktop
    • Database
    • Security
    • Application

    Overview of our Infrastructure Management Services:

    Application and Infrastructure Analytics and Visualization 

    Our platform is a full information technology operations analysis (ITOA) platform that:

    • Provides single-pane-of-glass visualization into data center and hybrid cloud environments, while providing insights and correlation into transactions, applications and infrastructure
    • Supports legacy systems, virtualization and container technologies, such as OpenStack, SDN, NFV, Docker and open APIs to integrate with ITOA ecosystem tools
    • Correlates events across all domains in context with applications, providing Rapid Root Cause Analysis.

    Workspace as a Service - WaaS / WaaS Nxt

    WaaS NxT is a next generation digital platform for end users that:

    • Instantiates unique workspaces, providing flexibility to deliver enterprise apps, data and end-user collaboration solutions in a secure manner for varied work styles, seamlessly made available ‘as-a-service’
    • Delivers context-aware and follow-me workspaces on multiple devices with analytics engine, automation and orchestration layer for a true digital transformation
    • Reduces complexity and clutter of multiple technologies by providing a single platform that brings in best-of-breed practices in an economic package.

    Network Services

    Our vendor-neutral network service provides deep expertise spanning across all network domains, including radio access network (RAN), fiber, core networks, IMS and enterprise networks.

    Our network experts have:

    • Designed and optimized 750,000+ RF sites
    • Conducted 250,000+ site swaps
    • Installed and commissioned 200,000+ sites
    • Deployed and operated global network operations center (GNOC) managing 13,000+ network elements

    We can speed network transformation with new technologies such as software-defined networking (SDN), network functions virtualization (NFV), self-organizing network (SON), mobile edge computing (MEC) and NarrowBand IoT (NB-IOT).

    Data Center Services

    A high-performing server room or data center is essential for a healthcare organization. IT infrastructure should meet stringent requirements for the reliability and security of information and information systems, 24/7.

    HCI’s strength lies in the set-up phase of a data center. After a building is delivered, we can provide services to prepare the space to function as a server room.

    We install all the infrastructure and installations in the planned locations according to the regulations and drawings. This can include the various technical systems abd preparing floors, ensuring that there is a continuous power supply and cooling the data center.

    Cloud Migration

    Our framework for cloud migration for healthcare organizations consists of a six-step process that covers all of the critical aspects of cloud migration.

    • It begins with the Pre-Migration Advisory efforts where we analyze and uncover the different benefits that can be had from the cloud.
    • The framework then moves onto Architecture Assessment, Solution Modeling, Execution and Testing, each with its own detailed set of sub-processes.
    • It ends with Post Migration Support and continuous improvement.

    In syncing with best practices from migrations across the globe, our cloud migration process helps you harness the efficiency of the cloud while avoiding the cost overruns associated with an ill-planned cloud migration approach.

    Healthcare IT infrastructure should be an investment in innovation—not a KTLO expense.

    Contact us to learn more about how our infrastructure management services can free up budget and focus for the value-add initiatives that healthcare organizations need. 

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