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The HCI Group Data Migration Services

Data Center Services for Healthcare Organizations

From identifying trends for managing population health to providing actionable insights for delivering quality care to proving better outcomes for increasing reimbursements, securely storing data and efficiently accessing it are vital for healthcare organizations.

A high-performing server room or data center is essential. IT infrastructure should meet stringent requirements for the reliability and security of information and information systems, 24/7.

HCI’s strength lies in the set-up phase of a data center. After a building is delivered, we can provide services to prepare the space to function as a server room.

We install all the infrastructure and installations in the planned locations according to the regulations and drawings. This can include preparing floors and technical systems, ensuring that there is a continuous power supply and cooling in the data center.

HCI also can assist organizations with data center modernization through a hybrid cloud. We help clients complete a technology refresh of their DC assets and adopt public cloud where feasible.

Data Center Services

HCI’s broad range of data center services for healthcare organizations includes the following.

Renovating data centers

Many data centers are located in buildings where the architectural construction and technical systems are not suitable for use as a data center. This sometimes results in limitations (maximum floor loading, floor area, electricity supply, heat management and physical security). In such cases, HCI can help organizations renovate in order to meet the standard continuity and availability requirements.

Efficient energy use

Energy costs make up a large part of the operating costs of a data center. That is why it is important to install the electricity supply in a sustainable, efficient and therefore economical way. Monitoring the power consumption can provide good opportunities to achieve further savings. We have a platform for energy management (diesel generators, batteries) that enables healthcare organizations to use backup facilities optimally to significantly reduce energy costs.

Management and Maintenance

Repair damage and faults 24/7

  • Service desk: contact point for malfunctions (during and outside office hours) and remote monitoring
  • Physical inspections: The outcomes of inspections are used to create a preventive a maintenance schedule and to build up an asset database
  • Detection equipment: break-in sensors, smoke and water alarms, access control and temperature gauges with central signal monitoring
  • Asset management: With central monitoring, data about the assets are continuously updated
  • Energy management: via ECOTECH platform

Data Center Modernization with Hybrid Cloud

Reduce TCO with optimal distribution of workloads across private clouds. HCI’s Managed Platform for Adaptive Cloud (mPAC) delivers:

  • Private Cloud Infrastructure in an IaaS model
  • Multi-Cloud integration with single pane across AWS, Azure, Google, SoftLayer, OpenStack and VMWare
  • Hybrid Cloud Services such as disaster recovery, data backup and archiving
  • Automation and Analytics

HCI helps healthcare organizations achieve true digital transformation by efficiently securing data and effectively sharing access so it can be leveraged for improved care and performance.

Contact us to learn how our Data Center Services can reduce costs and increase efficiencies for healthcare organizations.

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