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COVID-19 Support Hub

The HCI Group is here to help and stand with our healthcare colleagues by providing whatever service or requirement they need during these unprecedented times.

Contact us for anything specific you need. Here are some ways we are currently supporting our clients.

Service Overview

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Virtual Care

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  • Our end-to-end solution helps you set up a Telehealth and remote monitoring system quickly.
  • We can help you navigate the FCC process for Virtual Care reimbursements.

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healthcare service desk

COVID-19 Service Desk & RN Rapid Response Team

HCI is deploying a RN rapid response teams, as well as activating our COVID-19 patient triage help desk group with our clients. We are also supplementing our clients’ COVID-19 Triage Help Desks, backfill schedulers and supply staff with Front Door Nurse Triage and Testing.

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remote infrastructure management

HCI can provide Remote Infrastructure Management services to help supplement your current IT staff or completely support your infrastructure remotely.

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As patients are quarantined in their homes, remote monitoring of their conditions can bridge the care gap and can alert providers to any dangerous changes in progression of the virus.

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marketing automation for healthcare

The HCI Group is able to support your Marketing Automation for Healthcare requirements to effectively communicate with and engage patients outside of the clinic setting in a HIPAA-compliant environment in a way that improves patient health outcomes.

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HCI’s healthcare IT managed services solutions enable reduction of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Deploying HCI’s tools and IT servers help reduce operating costs by 20-45%. This decrease enables an increase in quality and productivity across the IT organization, ultimately allowing an improved patient experience and growth to the core business.

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Post covid-19 scheduling

Post COVID-19, rescheduling procedures and appointments on such a massive scale will consume an immense amount resources and time. We have designed a Scheduling Service Offering for our clients using our expertise in analytics and EHR systems, as well as our service desk capabilities.

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work from home

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Virtual Training

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General Service Overview

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“This is impacting everyone in many countries. People are looking for clarity, for communication and for courage from leadership to know that things will be okay” 

- Bill Russell, This Week In Health IT

The HCI Group are here to help you through challenging times. Please don't hesitate to get in contact.

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COVID-19 Support Services

covid-19 support services

Supporting health systems to fight against COVID-19 crisis


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