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The HCI Group Healthcare Legacy Support Services

Legacy Systems Support

Thanks to our extensive experience working with a broad array of healthcare applications, the HCI Group can offer support of your legacy system that assures trouble-free operation for as long as it remains in service. We understand the importance of your technology investment, and to help assure your success, our resources are experienced and fully certified in your legacy system as well as any new system are adopting.

Legacy Systems Support Services

Many organizations prefer to let their people focus exclusively on learning the new application. With the HCI Group, you can rest assured that we offer the expert resources to maintain and support the legacy application, while your own staff focuses on the new application.

At the HCI Group, we come to the table knowledgeable and certified in your system, able to make any modifications needed to keep it in service before we sunset it in favor of the new application.

We also provide our clients with exceptionally competitive rates. Our model is to provide you with a remarkably cost-effective solution, while lifting the burden of supporting your legacy applications.

It’s About Trust

Maintaining legacy systems is about more than expertise alone. It’s about trusting the people who will take care of the old while you usher in the new. Thanks to our unique combination of technical skill and people skills, we can ensure the smoothest conversion experience possible.

To learn more, we invite you to contact us today.

“The complex nature of both our timeline for meeting this deadline and our system as a whole required additional resources to ensure an EMR roll out that is on schedule, on budget, well-received by physicians and ultimately a success. From our first meeting with the HCI Group, we knew that their in-depth knowledge and extensive Epic consulting experience would deliver the results we need.”
—Tim Reddy, Director of Clinical Applications for Johns Hopkins

We can offer assuring support for your legacy system.

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