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The HCI Group Epic Data Migration

Epic Data Migration

When considering converting data from your legacy EMR to Epic, it is important to understand the reasons for the conversion and the related functional aspects. Accurately defining specific elements and objectives will provide an understanding of what data is required and the appropriate extraction time frames. The process merits an appropriate time and financial investment rather than just a temporary reallocation of resources.

Epic Data Conversion Services

The HCI Group can help you convert your data to your new Epic system by offering:
  • Experience – We will comprise our team with dedicated resources who have a wealth of knowledge on your organization’s legacy data platforms.
  • Quality – Backed by best practice methodology, the HCI team delivers an unsurpassed level of service.
  • Expertise – Through experience, HCI is able to anticipate and mitigate risk to project timelines before they become obstacles.
  • Affordability – HCI is proud to offer highly competitive rates for exceptional resources.

We can be a comprehensive one-stop source for your integration and migration needs, such as:

  • Integration Project Management
  • Data Conversion Experts
  • Integration Assessments
  • Integration/Application Testing
  • Integration Developers
  • Integration Engine Upgrades and Enhancement
  • Integration Training
  • Legacy Support
  • Monthly Support Agreements

Epic Data Migration Methodology

HCI’s Data Conversion methodology is an accumulation of proven best practices and is tailored to meet your specific organizational needs.  he proper steps performed at each stage in the process protect the integrity and ensure the security of the data. By following these steps, conversion projects are not only manageable, but also executed with a high degree of success.

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