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The HCI Group Epic Community Connect

Epic Community Connect

Your organization has invested tens of millions in healthcare IT, how are you going to show a return?  How will your technology platform provide quality for your entire community?  How are you going to complete the strategy without requiring more capital investment?  There is a low cost answer.

The HCI Group Epic Community ConnectCommunity Engagement

Community engagement is not a core competency of your IT department.  Community engagement revolves around providers you don’t employ or control.  Community engagement is off campus and is hard. Not hard technically, hard in all the other ways community outreach is different; Sales, Marketing, Legal and Support just to name a few.

Furthermore, as a clinical leader, you have the complete clinical record to treat the patient in a low cost, high quality way. Why aren’t your providers more productive? What are they missing?

Community Data

Complete your clinical integration with your provider network to complete the record. You cannot improve quality without all of the patients' data and frankly most of that resides in the community. By engaging your community providers and offering them your technology platform and your workflows, they will be happy to exchange not only data, but patients as well.

HCI can show you the way to a complete, robust and measurable way to complete the strategy.  By engaging you from creation to execution, HCI can provide the whole program or just the pieces you need. We have the experience and the ability to deploy your Epic Community Connect program in a collaborative and strategically supportive way; this allows you to focus on your largest customer, the hospital.

HCI's Epic Community Connect Team

Our Epic Community Connect team is ready to help you reach the next level of interoperability and complete your provider network strategy.

Download our most recent white paper on 6 Key Reasons Why Hospital IT Outreach Projects Fail.

“HCI provided excellent support and well qualified candidates for the implementation and roll-out of our eight community hospitals and CPOE Go-Live.”
—Sue Giesler, Director, Clinical Information Services, BJC HealthCare

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Epic Community Connect

The HCI Group Epic Community Connect

6 Key Reasons Why Hospital IT Outreach Projects Fail


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