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The HCI Group Cerner Data Migration

Cerner Data Migration

During a Cerner Data Migration, keeping data accurate, appropriate and time sensible are important components in capturing the most important information while keeping project parameters reasonable and within budget. The process merits an appropriate time and financial investment rather than just a temporary reallocation of resources.

The HCI Group has the following skills that will benefit your data migration into Cerner:

  • Affordability – We offer highly competitive rates for our exceptional resources
  • Experience – Our team will be comprised of individuals with a comprehensive understanding of the data platforms used by your organization.
  • Expertise – Our vast experience helps us to minimize risk to success before issues can occur.
  • Quality – We utilize best practices to ensure you have the highest level of service possible.

Cerner Data Migration Services

The HCI Group can assist your organization as you migrate your data to Cerner by offering:

  • Integration Developers
  • Integration Engine Upgrades and Enhancement
  • Integration/Application Training
  • Integration Training
  • Integration Assessments
  • Legacy Support
  • Data Conversion Experts
  • Monthly Support Agreements
  • Integration Project Management

Cerner Data Migration Methodology

Having a disciplined process is critical for a successful Cerner Data Migration. With access to the database, database schematic and resources experienced with the workflow data collection we can apply the following process to any data migration need:

Migration Project Planning

  • Scope Assessment
  • Migration Project Plan Development
  • Allocate Dedicated Resource
  • Test Planning

Discovery, Analysis and Requirements

  • Validate Data Sources
  • Validate Specifications
  • Analyze Workflow
  • Develop Crosswalks

Design, Develop, Test and Implement

  • Design Load Strategy
  • Develop Migration Scripts
  • Perform Test Migration
  • Develop Production Execution Plan

HCI’s Data Conversion methodology is an accumulation of proven best practices and is tailored to meet your specific organizational needs.  The proper steps performed at each stage in the process protect the integrity and ensure the security of the data. By following these steps, conversion projects are not only manageable, but also executed with a high degree of success.

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