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The HCI Group Allscripts Data Migration

Allscripts Data Migration

Migrating data between electronic medical record systems requires expertise in the legacy system as well as the new one. The HCI Group has the necessary expertise to accomplish this task, and knows how to make sure that the emphasis is on patient care.

Allscripts Data Migration Services We Offer

Care providers will need quick access to patient histories that are not only thorough, but accurate. We can help your organization achieve this during your Allscripts Data Migration by offering:

  • Allscripts Legacy Support
  • Agreements on Monthly Support
  • Experts on Integration and Data Conversion
  • Integration Developers and Training
  • Integration Assessments, Upgrades, and Enhancements

By efficiently and effectively migrating your data in the new EMR, you reduce the amount of wasted time it takes to get information where it needs to go. We accomplish this through the affordability and quality of the services we provide. Due to our vast experience and expertise, we know the necessary steps to take in order to get your data from one system and into another with minimal risk.

How We Get the Job Done

Our methodologies are based on several best practices that we have developed through the successful migration of many data systems. We understand that being thorough and systematic in our efforts is the best way to make sure that the migration is done successfully without loss of any important or sensitive information.. Our methods are proven to not only be successful, but to ultimately end with better patient care.

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