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The HCI Group Healthcare Reporting Capabilities

Healthcare Reporting Capabilities

Our team takes the time to understand and leverage organizational culture, hierarchy and internal customer dynamics.

HCI Group has the talent and experience to ensure that healthcare organizations have the data they need, when they need it. With the growing importance of reporting as a component of today’s healthcare systems, we focus on creating capabilities that provide our clients with the information needed to make informed decisions throughout the entire organization. Our reporting capabilities meet all meaningful-use standards and go further to offer advanced customization.

Our experienced professionals have the ability to provide advanced reporting capabilities of virtually any variety, whether clinical, financial or demographic.

Custom Capabilities

While many EHR systems offer reporting capabilities, the HCI Group works to understand each healthcare organization’s unique needs so we can create customized reporting capabilities. We’re always ready to offer recommendations based on the way you work.

Our consultants are known for becoming respected team members who contribute quickly and are able to adapt to your reporting needs. We focus on forming a close partnership that allows us to transfer knowledge to your internal team in the most meaningful ways.

The Power to Make the Right Decisions

The HCI Group can provide you with new decision-making power as information and data management becomes increasingly important for all healthcare organizations. We understand that data and the information that can be gleaned from it now represent some of the most valuable assets any organization possesses. Our reporting capabilities can help you:

  • Improve the quality of patient care while reducing costs
  • Gain insights with a holistic view of the healthcare organization

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"They were able to provide consultant services in project management as well as analyst expertise in the different modules in place (scheduling, report writing, data scripting, electronic documentation, etc...). They have supported us from the design to the Go-Live phases of the project and have proven a great company to collaborate with."—Raphael Jaffrezic, Chief Information Officer, Galway Clinic

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