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    The HCI Group Healthcare IT Leadership Shantra MooreShantra Moore Shantra Moore LinkedIn

    Vice President, Training and Activation

    Shantra Moore has served over ten years in multiple Healthcare IT roles. She has managed training teams, directed Go-Live support teams, and has led several special projects along the way. Shantra works with HCI’s Client Engagement Managers, Activation PMs, and Training Leaders in order to execute flawless delivery of HCI’s largest Training and Activation Engagements. Her background is in Training and Change Management so she enjoys walking alongside leaders as they adapt to change within their organization.

    Shantra also enjoys volunteering in her community and venturing to other countries to learn about their cultures. If you ask what her favorite part about her job is she will say, “working with people who want to make a difference.”

    “HCI provided the technical expertise and leadership necessary for us to tackle our critical medication reconciliation issues in the midst of other competing priorities. Without the focus they brought to this project, we would not have progressed as rapidly or successfully as we did.”
    —Dr. Louis Penrod, CMIO, Baptist Health

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