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The HCI Group Healthcare IT Leadership Randy GramsRandy Grams Randy Grams LinkedIn

Vice President, Client Program Design

Randy is HCI Group's Vice President for Client Program Design responsible for the execution, resourcing and workflow planning on a variety of successful, complex client projects exceeding $500M both in the US and Europe. Over the past 5 years he successfully launched Epic, Cerner and Allscripts systems building large-scale activation programs with the ability to simultaneously accommodate 2,000+ Super Users and 600+ external at the elbow Epic support.

With 15 years of industry experience in both program and talent management, Mr. Grams provides HCI Group clients with exceptional go-live support assessment planning, command center design, super user program development, communications, leadership education and go-live management. Randy arrives onsite in advance to handcraft programs that complement the needs of each unique facility. His experience has focused on geographically large and logistically complex implementations both here in the United States and the U.K..

Randy’s activation program development generally begins in the three to six months in advance of a new project’s go-live date. He develops highly accurate support assessment figures that assist leadership for use in budget planning and super user estimates. Large projects require close coordination between the PMO, training, and departmental stakeholders. Randy provides the guidance and education to bring these teams together to approve and execute on a variety of projects that are required to prepare the organization in advance and during go-live. During the planning phase, Randy works closely with senior leadership developing efficient and cost effective solutions. With his knowledge and understand the nuances of support, Randy accelerates end user adoption during go-live. His work allows hospitals to return quickly to business as usual.

Randy designed the industry’s most advanced go-live toolkit that HCI Group currently deploys at client sites. These tools allow our teams to GPS track external support, creates pinpoint accurate budgets and budget forecasting, offers real-time scheduling updates and can rapidly deploy tip sheets to smart devices for support in the field. His designs help to reduce project cost by assessing daily end user adoption, support quality and top open tickets that are affecting each department. These tools are integrated in to an easy to understand go-live project dashboard. Randy is always looking for opportunities to reduce and improve support using high quality data collected from the field.

Randy also develops practical solutions for associated projects. Projects include designing a functional super user program, command center build (including infrastructure build out, seating charts, meeting development, help desk, incident management software, integrated workflow planning, and effective communications strategies that support operational stakeholders and end user support during go-live). Additionally, Randy offers experience establishing pre-live programs for shadow-charting in Anesthesia and Perioperative service areas, as well as, provider personalization labs.

As projects transition from planning to deployment, Randy with the support of his back-office team at HCI, help to prepare the countless logistics required to bring a large number of Epic support onsite. Randy is the primary point of contact in the Command Center for all support matters during go-live and his senior project coordinators follow a highly evolved plan to ensure that every detail is attended for a seamless activation.

“HCI provided the technical expertise and leadership necessary for us to tackle our critical medication reconciliation issues in the midst of other competing priorities. Without the focus they brought to this project, we would not have progressed as rapidly or successfully as we did.”
—Dr. Louis Penrod, CMIO, Baptist Health

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