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The HCI Group MEDITECH Consulting Services

MEDITECH Consulting

This page contains general information on our MEDITECH consulting services. If you are looking for more specialized information, please click on one of the links below:

MEDITECH Data Migration | MEDITECH Training | MEDITECH Go-Live

In any MEDITECH implementation, it's critically important that you have the right MEDITECH consulting experts to avoid common pitfalls. One of the most established, fully integrated and finely nuanced EHR solutions available today, MEDITECH has an ideal answer for many healthcare systems. No matter the size or difficulty of your MEDITECH project, the HCI Group's MEDITECH consulting team understand the fine points of your needs. Thanks to our extensive experience with the solution, we have an in-depth understanding of both the new and the legacy architectures of MEDITECH. We fully understand the issues involved with integration versus interfacing and we know how to apply MEDITECH to the unique needs of each healthcare system.

The People Who Know MEDITECH

In any implementation, it's critically important that the IT professionals on the front lines are thoroughly experienced in MEDITECH solutions. At the HCI Group, our consultants understand the complex nature of MEDITECH planning, implementation, optimization and MEDITECH legacy support. We've worked diligently to identify the traits of a successful MEDITECH, LSS, and NPR professionals. Using our unique networking and advanced strategies, we have the ability to deliver precisely qualified experts with track records of delivering builds, training and support of the highest quality.

MEDITECH offers one of the few fully integrated solutions, incorporating everything from admissions through discharge, inpatient and ambulatory. Our people have an unsurpassed, in-depth understanding of all project needs.

Efficiencies in Controlling Costs

Containing costs is critical to completing your MEDITECH project within your budget. We combine a lean and nimble approach with a focus on partnership with our clients. This ensures continuity in build, effective and timely project management, and thorough system review during all touch points. As a result, the HCI Group is a remarkably cost-effective resource with the right talent and experience to take on any project. The result is cost savings for our clients that have a dramatic effect on their budgets and finances.


Our MEDITECH consultants have a wealth of experience with todayís leading MEDITECH software modules, including:

Financial Applications

  • AP - Accounts Payable
  • B/AR - Billing Accounts Receivable
  • BF - Budget & Forecasting
  • ESS - Executive Support
  • FA - Fixed Assets
  • GL - General Ledger
  • MM - Materials Management
  • PP - Payroll & Personnel
  • HR - Human Resource
  • LSS/MPM - Medical Practice Management
  • CA - Cost-Accounting

Administrative Applications

  • ADM - Admissions
  • CWS - Community Wide Scheduling
  • ABS - Abstracting
  • QM/RM - Quality & Risk Management
  • MRI - Medical Records
  • SCA - Scanning and Archiving
  • ARM - Authorization & Referral Management
  • SS - Staffing and Scheduling

Operational and Decision Support Applications

  • MIS - MIS
  • NMI - Non-MEDITECH Interfaces
  • DR - Data Repository
  • CMS - Corporate Management Software
  • NPR - Report Writer/Report Designer/NPR
  • RD/RW - Report Designer/Report Writer

Continuing-Care Applications

  • BH - Behavioral Health
  • LTC - Long Term Care

Clinical Applications

  • PCM/Physicians' Desktop/P-Doc
  • BBK - Blood Bank
  • LAB - Laboratory
  • MIC - Microbiology
  • PTH - Pathology
  • OE/POM/OM - Order Entry/Physician Order Management/Order Management
  • PCI/PCS/NUR - Patient Care Inquiry/Patient Care System/Nursing
  • PHA - Pharmacy
  • RAD - Radiology
  • BMV - Bedside Medication Verification
  • DPT - Departmental
  • EDM - Emergency Dept
  • ORM - Operating Room Management
  • ITS - Imaging & Therapeutic Services
  • AOM/RXM - Ambulatory Order Management
  • NMI - Non-MEDITECH Interfaces
  • EMR - Enterprise Medical Record
  • ONC - Oncology
  • LSS/MPM - Medical Practice Management
  • Patient Portal

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"We contacted numerous consultancy company which were not able to help us in this task. Upon getting in touch with the HCI group we were positively surprised to find an organisation willing to take on this challenge and they provided us with resources very rapidly."
—Raphael Jaffrezic, Chief Information Officer, Galway Clinic (MEDITECH Consulting Client)

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