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EHR Support Services

The HCI Group’s Support Services focus on reducing the cost of healthcare IT and strengthening the healthcare IT support model.


Build with confidence

Organizations implementing complex healthcare IT systems know that there are many stops along the path before reaching the final destination. Extraordinary financial investments are made, and the future and quality of patient care for the local community depend heavily on a successfully delivered project.

The HCI Group are on hand to help. While individual products and systems may vary by client, our multi-threaded teams of experts know exactly how to improve the quality of your project planning, design, build, activation, business intelligence and long-term adoption.

Successful data migration depends as much on people as it does on technology. Due to its highly complex nature, data migration requires a partner that has a proven track record in comprehensive planning and execution. At the HCI Group, we have just that kind of experience, and we can help your organization achieve a highly effective migration. Our resources will be experienced and fully certified in both interface engines involved in the migration. In short, we have the expert professionals you need to achieve success with your data services.


We’ll Get You There

Successful data migration depends as much on people as it does on technology. That’s why the HCI Group provides proven, experienced professionals on every migration project—professionals who are fully certified in both the source and the destination interface engines. We know Point A, and we know Point B, and we know how to connect the dots.

Our proven process starts with a high-level project plan that lets our client know what steps will be taken throughout the entire course of migrating data and code from one interface engine to the next. That leads to a step-by-step “road map” detailing the process of migration.

Once the migration is performed, we start comprehensive testing to verify every portion of the data was effectively mapped. We make sure that all cases and all scenarios are covered within the logic of every interface. We can even assign top programming talent to the project, when required.

Of course, we also take the time to make sure your staff members are trained on the new system, undertaking a thorough transfer of knowledge.


Experience And Responsiveness

While every data-migration process is unique, we understand what has worked for others, and we will use that knowledge to help your project run smoothly. The HCI Group will provide you with the finest professionals possessing the precise skill sets required to complete the project successfully.

In many cases, we already know, before a project begins, what to expect and where problems might arise. Everything is factored into our planning well in advance so that all you see is a job completed with remarkable efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

EHR Activation and Go-Live

Before any EHR system goes live, all the pieces must mesh together with clockwork-like precision—and pass the crucial testing phase. Patient safety is at stake, and so is the efficiency of your entire healthcare organization. HCIintegrate–our integration and testing service–provides the right people with the right experience to assure you of unsurpassed system integration, and complete peace of mind.


Passing the Test

HCIintegrate combines unit, mapped-record and integrated testing in a unique methodology to identify potential issues and reduce risk when testing your EHR. All ancillary interfaces are thoroughly tested to assure they perform flawlessly together. If there are issues that need to be addressed, we will find them and help resolve them prior to go-live.


Getting the Interfaces Right

An EHR system must work seamlessly with all ancillary systems, from radiology to pharmacy and third parties outside your organization. Our people have the expertise to understand your workflows and to write interfaces that result in totally transparent communication throughout your enterprise. You will be assured that our precisely aligned interfaces allow the right data to flow throughout your system, from meticulous patient-care records and state and federal reporting to billing information and complete management reporting.


It’s all about the Data

Just having data is not the most important aspect of an EHR. It is having the quality of data that brings crucial information to those making patient-safety decisions. High-quality data is also important for making business decisions that can provide a quicker return on investment and reimbursement models for the future stability of the organization.

It’s equally important to understand the reasoning behind the data conversion and the functional aspects for future use. Our qualified resources help determine what data are pertinent to the functionality and decision-making process of the new EHR solution. By following our best-practice guidelines, we assure data integrity throughout the entire data-conversion process.


Engine Tune-Ups

No matter what interface engine you now have, we can upgrade or replace it, depending on your needs. We develop the interfaces, mapping and translation, assuring complete integrity of data.


We Take The Load Off You

HCIintegrate has the resources to monitor and support existing interfaces to and from your EHR, allowing your staff to focus on implementing your new system. This is a cost-effective approach that will take the burden of existing support off your staff.


The HCI Group Advantages

  • Clinical, legal and regulatory expertise
  • Attention to detail
  • Advanced set of best practices
  • Experienced testers
  • Proven test scripts
  • Unsurpassed technical expertise

Organizations implementing complex healthcare IT systems know that there are many stops along the path before reaching the final destination. Extraordinary financial investments are made, and the future and quality of patient care for the local community depend heavily on a successfully delivered project.

The HCI Group has a proven track record as an implementation partner for installations across North America, the United Kingdom and the Middle East. While individual products and systems may vary by client, our multi-threaded teams of experts know exactly how to improve the quality of your project planning, design, build, activation, business intelligence and long-term adoption.


Great People Make the Difference

When you partner with the HCI Group, you know the professionals recruited for your implementation projects are the best in their field. For every aspect of the project lifecycle, you can be certain that every candidate we submit will be a fully-trained, experienced professional who will understand your needs and provide immediate value to fulfill your organizational strategy.


An Array of EHR Implementation Services

Every implementation requires a complex and customized solution. The HCI Group offers our clients implementation service options to bring your individual project strategy to fruition. All of our project consultants are full-lifecycle multi-project industry experts. We provide benefits throughout your project, offering valuable experience and cross-application knowledge that reduce building rework and help decrease the overall project cost.


Smarter Approach to Healthcare IT

Our philosophy is to bring intelligent solutions to our clients’ most challenging problems. The HCI Group’s EHR implementation project leaders will work tirelessly to give your organization a road map for achieving your goals, providing you a remarkably cost-effective solution. The HCI Group is much more than a world-class staff augmentation firm; our domain knowledge of healthcare IT projects spans every aspect of the EHR implementation lifecycle and the entire healthcare continuum.


Building with Confidence

Based on your project, the HCI Group can help bring all of your applications, hardware and systems together in a fully tested and deployable model that is perfectly optimized for your providers’ needs. Whether you are expanding on your current implementation or just now beginning your journey, the HCI Group is a proven and highly effective partner as you continue your journey.

Just as important as the technology is the ability and willingness of end users to utilize it and gain proficiency.

Healthcare technology initiatives require vast amounts of time and attention in preparing the system. Just as important as the technology is the ability and willingness of your end users to utilize it and gain proficiency. The HCI Group offers our clients a comprehensive solution to ensure that leadership, staff and providers support the change and are well prepared to effectively utilize the system.


No One Left Behind

The HCI Group’s change-management methodologies make certain that everyone impacted is identified and adequately prepared. We’ve developed practical engagement strategies that target key audiences such as executives, management, physicians and front-line staff.

Major initiatives, including CPOE, Meaningful Use, ICD-10 and more, rely heavily on physician engagement and collaboration with the healthcare team. The HCI Group can provide expertise on proven strategies to assess and ensure physician support and utilization of the technology. The HCI Group has a proven record of leading large multidisciplinary groups of clinicians and physicians through major change initiatives, with measurable positive impact to patient care.


A Comprehensive, Principled Approach

Change is never easy, and communication is critical. The HCI Group will help you deliver an effective communication strategy highlighting the value and key messages to the right audience at the right time. We work to assess each stakeholder’s readiness and design custom solutions that are applied directly from the results. Similarly, our workflows are redesigned to maximize both clinical and staff efficiency and will positively impact the overall patient experience. The HCI Group will ensure that maximum results are obtained for your organization and that your staff will effectively embrace the change.


Effective Education Solutions

We provide experienced consultants who can help you plan and deliver quality training. Not only do they understand how adults learn, but they bring best-practice tools and methods forward. The HCI Group will be with you every step of the way and provide:

  • Virtual Training
  • Classroom Training
  • One-on-one Training
  • Training-as-a-Service
  • Productivity Coaching
  • Voice Recognition Training
  • Training plan development and execution
  • Curriculum and content development
  • Domain management
  • Super-user preparedness
  • Training delivery, including web based, classroom and 1:1 training
  • Experienced physician trainers
  • Activation support
  • Post implementation strategy and support

Going live with your EHR system doesn’t have to be the high-stress transition many believe it to be. With HCI, you’ll have at-the-elbow go-live support from trained medical professionals who have a wealth of experience seeing healthcare systems through this critical time and can help you avoid common go-live pitfalls. We are there to support you to make activation and go-live remarkably smooth.


Before, During, and After Go-Live

To the HCI Group, go-live support is more than the few critical weeks of activation. This is why KLAS rank us as a leader in this category. Prior to go-live, we lay the groundwork that minimizes every possible risk and that helps win the acceptance of your physicians, nurses and other staff members. We study your system-wide workflows and follow checklists developed over the course of hundreds of go-live engagements. We follow similar protocols after the go-live is completed to confirm that your staff is fully prepared to use and support the new EHR system.


HCI's Go-Live Support Management:

  • Logistics
  • Deployment
  • Coaching
  • Issue Management
  • Assignment Coordination
  • Single Point of Contact
  • Management Reporting


Complimentary Resource Management

In a typical go-live support scenario, HCI deploys hundreds of our people throughout all departments, from admissions to ICU. Handling the myriad of logistic details such as housing, transportation and assignment coordination is something that is often overlooked. Our resource-management service takes care of every detail, relieving your own staff of yet another burden. This helps assure your EHR implementation and transition is virtually seamless to both patients and staff. We also provide an efficient single point of contact and timely management reporting, and there is absolutely no charge.


HCI Go-Live Resources

  • Technical Skills
  • Go-Live Experience
  • People Skills
  • Clinical Skills


High Tech, "Soft" Skills

All of the people HCI provides for your go-live must have multiple previous activation experiences before we deploy them. But it’s not enough that they have advanced technical and clinical experience. They also have the “soft” skills that reassure your end-users and help achieve total staff acceptance. With their calming influence and “point-here, click-there” assistance, our people become trusted mentors. We understand how to bring even your most change-resistant people into the fold, gently but surely.

HCI's Sustaining and Support services offers much more than a clinical service desk. We help minimize the total cost of ownership.


Reduce the Total Cost of EHR Ownership

Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems are a major investment for any healthcare system. The HCI Group is uniquely qualified to help you minimize the total cost of ownership. We have a sustaining-support service that offers much more than a clinical service desk.


A Clinical Service Desk Focused on Your Success

We will perform an on-site assessment to understand your current mode of operations so that we can provide the most effective solution for your support model. The assessment will identify and address pain points, which allow HCI to customize a solution that provides best practice processes for ongoing optimization.


Strength in Resources

Using our sophisticated recruiting tools, we can tailor our recruitment and staff fulfillment services to fit your unique requirements and culture. HCI’s cross-certified resources work as an innovative, collaborative team that will integrate with your organization to align goals, establish process management, and maximize efficiencies.


Business Intelligence

We also offer incident management and business intelligence services, which give your leadership team the real time dashboard reporting they need to make the best decisions for ongoing improvement.


Continual Service Improvement

We not only resolve incidents, but also provide proactive process improvements using industry best practices and ITIL-aligned problem management principles. HCI uses effective knowledge management processes and tool sets that allow information sharing across the organization to continually drive down incident volumes.


The Bottom Line

In addition to maximizing productivity and efficiency, HCI offers unique pricing options to lower costs for on-going enterprise IT support, resulting in significant savings and a strong return on investment for your hospital or health system.


The People, the Process and the Technology to Sustain Your Success



  • Expert healthcare IT professionals
  • Onshore support personnel
  • Cross-certified
  • 24x7x365 service excellence


  • Client-focused process analysis and implementation
  • End-to-end ITIL-aligned processes
  • CBI – metrics reporting and trend analysis
  • Problem-management principles
  • Continual service improvement


  • Innovative software solutions
  • Comprehensive BI platform
  • Incident-management tool set
  • Knowledge-management database

HCI has the experience in EHR optimization to help satisfy end users while realizing the benefits of the technology. The HCI Group can make your EHR optimization more effective by providing a strategy that will help you make the most of your investment. Whether you are stabilizing, addressing a specific problem area, or are ready to take your system and users to the next level, the HCI Group can bring experienced talent and proven methodologies to improve your optimization and clinical adoption efforts.


Our EHR Optimization Focus Includes:

  • Physician adoption and usability (ambulatory and inpatient)
  • Nursing and multidisciplinary adoption and workflow integration
  • Medication management
  • Revenue cycle
  • System enhancements and support

A Holistic, Results-Oriented Approach

We take a comprehensive approach, examining everything: the system, the process and the people. Rather than concentrating on only the system, we seek out anything that proves to be a stumbling block to optimization. And we fix it. Our rapid-cycle methodology incorporates metrics so you can identify the needs and demonstrate the value of the program. Our goal is to leave behind a proven approach to manage ongoing initiatives in a rapidly changing healthcare environment.


Trusted Resources

We provide talented consultants who understand both the end-user needs and the system capabilities required to support it. Their prior experience with EHR optimization efforts puts the HCI Group in the lead to help you satisfy your end users while realizing the benefits of the technology.

We have a comprehensive understanding of our industry, so you end up screening only those candidates with the precise skills and experience you need.


Exacting Fits, Project Savings

The backbone of the HCI Group’s success in filling job openings is a recruiting infrastructure, training and methodology unlike anything in the industry. Our dedicated team of recruiters is taught every aspect of the healthcare industry, systems, applications and organizational structure as well as the project-implementation lifecycle. We have a comprehensive understanding of our industry, so you end up screening only those candidates with the precise skills and experience you need.

Using sophisticated recruiting tools and industry-leading social-media recruiting techniques, we tailor our recruitment and staff-fulfillment services to your unique requirements and culture, while also offering significant savings through competitive pricing.

The HCI Group is uniquely positioned to meet the healthcare IT requirements of your organization. We are focused on fine-tuned approaches that ensure a reduction in the cost of healthcare through flexible staffing models that support effective capacity planning. We pride ourselves on offering cost-effective solutions for healthcare companies to plan, implement and sustain health information technology, including but not limited to:

  • Electronic health records (EHR)
  • Integrated enabling technologies
  • Data analytics


All Vendors, Strategies and Solutions

Assembling a team of such depth and breadth allows the HCI Group to address the entire implementation cycle and to help you achieve effective results on your own schedule. We work in a highly collaborative manner with your staff, stakeholders and others, minimizing transition time and maximizing knowledge sharing, while also producing high-quality deliverables at defined milestones.


People Make the Difference

The HCI Group professionals recruited for your projects are the best in their fields. From clinicians and subject-matter experts to highly skilled HCI Group technical personnel, every candidate we submit will be a fully trained, experienced professional who will understand your needs and provide immediate value for your organization.


Your Full-Service Partner

Many firms are limited and choose only to engage in consulting positions. The HCI Group is committed to being a true partner, helping your information-system department achieve its internal full-time hiring goals as well as providing expert resources for your project consulting needs.


International Presence

The HCI Group is a global firm with consultants spanning eleven time zones in North America, Europe and the Middle East. With international offices strategically located in the United Kingdom, we are a key player in the effort to expand healthcare information technology to clients, partners and governmental agencies around the world.

Thanks to our extensive experience working with a broad array of healthcare applications, the HCI Group can offer support of your legacy system that assures trouble-free operation for as long as it remains in service. We understand the importance of your technology investment, and to help assure your success, our resources are experienced and fully certified in your legacy system as well as any new system are adopting.


Legacy Systems Support Services

Many organizations prefer to let their people focus exclusively on learning the new application. With the HCI Group, you can rest assured that we offer the expert resources to maintain and support the legacy application, while your own staff focuses on the new application.

At the HCI Group, we come to the table knowledgeable and certified in your system, able to make any modifications needed to keep it in service before we sunset it in favor of the new application.

We also provide our clients with exceptionally competitive rates. Our model is to provide you with a remarkably cost-effective solution, while lifting the burden of supporting your legacy applications.


It’s About Trust

Maintaining legacy systems is about more than expertise alone. It’s about trusting the people who will take care of the old while you usher in the new. Thanks to our unique combination of technical skill and people skills, we can ensure the smoothest conversion experience possible.

The HCI Group’s advisory services team work collaboratively to understand the unique fabric of our clients’ organizations. We craft solutions that ensure your vision becomes a reality. Our team takes the time to understand and leverage organizational culture, hierarchy and internal customer dynamics. This insight then proves to be invaluable in generating commitment and enthusiasm around your key initiatives.

We apply critical listening skills and strong interpersonal skills to develop consensus and acknowledgment of team members’ value. This brings all parts of your organization into alignment, working on the same page for a closely coordinated approach to any project. On this foundation, we turn your vision into a strategy and ultimately into tactical plans that are achievable and transformational in nature.

At the HCI Group, we design your tactical solutions through well-developed project plans that turn the “what” you are doing into “how” to do it. We then offer service lines to help refine the approach, the methodology and the resources to execute your plans on time and on budget.

Governance – Establish, Launch, Refine and Build Process

  • Membership
  • Rules of engagement
  • Topic management
  • Prioritization
  • Communication and follow up

Change Management – Set Expectations, Communicate Direction, Establish Interactive Feedback, Align

  • Communication strategy
  • Consensus building and engagement activities
  • Baseline metrics
  • Benefits realization and tracking

Revenue Generation and Expense Management – Innovate, Apply Business Framework, Develop Plans

  • Identification of opportunities
  • Industry benchmarking and analysis
  • Competitive analysis
  • Financial modeling and analysis
  • Tracking

Program/PMO – Establish, Develop Capacity Plans, Set Methods/Process

  • Charters
  • Scope management
  • Work plans and critical path
  • Risk assessment
  • Monitoring and addressing barriers

Administrative and/or Clinical Workflow and IT Integration
– Enabling Technology, Reduce the Cost of Healthcare, Improve Quality of Care

  • Subject-matter expertise and methods/tools
  • Workflow
  • Advanced technologies
  • Design and optimization

Organizational Development – Address Pain Points, Develop Strategies, Manage Change/Transformation

  • Assess people and process
  • Analyze root cause
  • Recommend strategy
  • Develop tactical plans
  • Improve process
innovative solutions

Innovative Solutions

The HCI Group offer a wide range of innovative, design-centric, and cost effective solutions.

Trusted Vendor

Trusted Vendor

The HCI Group has helped more than 220 healthcare clients improve the delivery of care and optimize the return on their IT investments.

Support Desk

Dedicated Support

Need assistance? The HCI Group offer 24/7 Support Desk services that can be customized to the needs of our clients.