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Consultant Quick Access Links & Information


Payroll & PTO Requests

Our W2 & Salaried Consultants can access paystubs and make PTO requests (if eligible for PTO) using this link.


401k Information

Eligible employees may create an online profile and access their 401(k) account using this link.


Benefits Information

Eligible employees may view benefit elections for the current plan year, plan documents, and more using this link.


HCI University

Access The HCI Group training academy using this link.

referral program

Referral Program

Make a referral for a candidate, client or project using this link.

agile methodology

Peer Recognition

Give your peers the recognition they deserve by dropping up us an email.

time and travel

Time & Travel

All Consultants should enter time into our Bullhorn portal. 1099 consultants should also enter expenses in the Bullhorn portal.

Time Reporting: Click Here

Expense Reporting: Click Here

Travel Bookings: Click Here



Employees may access their HCI email account using this link.


Epic UserWeb

Consultants may access Epic’s UserWeb using this link.

Epic re-certification has changed with 2017. If you have had a certification for 5 or more years, you now need to complete an NVT exam AND an application booster proctored exam. The NVT takes 30-45 minutes. The application booster exam (known as CEE exam or Continued Epic Education) is a 2 hour timeframe scheduled with a proctor, but the 20-25 question exam usually takes closer to 1 hour. The CEE exam itself is free to take if you are able to schedule time with a proctor from your organization. However, if you are unable to find a proctor and/or prefer to have it proctored online by Epic, there is a fee of $30 per exam. This online proctor will require you to have a web camera and show them the physical space where you are taking the exam.

If your certification is less than 5 years old, you only need to complete the NVT. 

To access these exams, click the "Training Home" link from the top of the UserWeb. On the left side of the screen, you will see "Your Certifications". You can get more info by clicking the Certifications Page link, or clicking here.

This page will list all your certifications and what steps need to be taken to renew them by what date. You can also register for CEE exams on this site.

Consultant Resources

General HCI Contact Information

Questions about time entry or Bullhorn Onboarding/Timekeeping navigation?
Email: timesheetsupport@thehcigroup.com

Questions about expense reimbursements or Concur navigation?
Email: expensereview@thehcigroup.com

Need IT assistance?
Email: support@thehcigroup.com or call: +1 904-263-4333

Questions about payroll?
Email: payroll@thehcigroup.com

HR-related questions?
Email: hr@thehcigroup.com