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StrategyNxt for Digital Transformation

The HCI Group simplifies digital transformation for health systems.

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  • Experience leading digital transformations from within large health systems assures organization-wide support.
  • Human-centered design improves the patient experience.
  • Fixed price of $250,000 simplifies budgeting.
  • Professionally prepared strategy in only three months starts transformation sooner.
  • Agile methodology accelerates transformation.
  • Focus on value delivers the best care at the optimal price.
  • Effective change management avoids physician burnout.
  • Aligning IT investments with organizational objectives increases ROI.

StrategyNxt reduces IT costs while accelerating transformation by creating customized digital strategies in just 12 weeks for $250,000.

Though every health system needs a digital strategy to meet rapidly changing business, care, and consumer needs, only 20% of organizations have such a strategy — and of those only half have been executed. IT teams and operations leaders are often too busy to form a strategy, much less implement it, or they do not know how to create a better experience for clinicians, employees and patients.

Whatever challenges an organization faces, StrategyNxt enables any health system to transform. Led by former CIOs for large health systems, StrategyNxt’s clinicians and business leaders form effective digital transformation strategies that healthcare organizations can execute efficiently.


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