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Infrastructure Management Services


Infrastructure management services (IMS) can help healthcare organizations reduce costs and free up internal resources for value-adding initiatives that advance digital transformation.

Today’s healthcare IT leaders face the ever-increasing demands of demonstrating the value of technological investments while leading their respective organizations down the path of digital maturity. In order to meet the challenge, leaders must recognize the need to shift from the focus and spend associated with Keeping The Light On (KTLO) to providing value by aligning limited human capital resources with the business imperatives driven by the organization’s strategic plan.

This paradigm shift, in itself, however, does not alleviate leaders from the burden or responsibility of managing and maintaining a robust, scalable and resilient IT infrastructure; those requirements, along with data security have only increased.

HIT leaders must decide how to best meet all of the demands. Taking stock in an organization’s core competencies can help. Then they can align resources accordingly while finding viable partners to manage complex and mission-critical IT infrastructure.

Provides single-pane-of-glass visualization into data center and hybrid cloud environments, while providing insights and correlation into transactions, applications and infrastructure.

Workspace-as-a-Service (WaaS) provides physicians ubiquitous access by allowing them to remotely access the information they need to care for patients. WaaS also solves the challenge of bring-your-own-device, in which employees use their own computers or other mobile devices for work. This is a common problem for healthcare organizations due to traditional security measures that limit access to data.

WaaS transforms employee experience with secure enterprise access. HCI’s WaaS NxT digital workspace solution is a next-generation platform for end users that:

  • Instantiates unique workspaces, providing flexibility to deliver enterprise apps, data and end-user collaboration solutions in a secure manner for varied work styles seamlessly made available ‘as-a-service’
  • Delivers context-aware and follow-me workspaces on multiple devices with analytics engine, automation and orchestration layer for a true digital transformation
  • Reduces complexity and clutter of multiple technologies by providing a single platform that brings in best of breed practices in an economic package

WaaS NxT provides healthcare organizations with benefits like:

  • Reduction in total cost of ownership (TCO) by 40%
  • Reduction in service requests by 60%
  • Reduction in desk-support cost by 40%
  • Time-saving up to 50% through analytics engine, automation and process simplification
  • Improvement in forecast accuracy through predictive behavior capabilities up to 25%
  • Reduction in power cost by 60%
  • Utilization of office space up to 125%
  • Reduction in desktop and buffered IT capacity by 30%
  • Quicker decisions with built-in analytics and orchestration engine
  • Digital transformation impact on 70% of organization’s digital footprint

HCI provides agility and efficiency in managing critical IT Infrastructure through its WaaS NxT digital health platform.

Easy Plug-and-Play Services

WaaS NxT has a plug-and-play architecture to service customized end-user requirements and can be built on existing IT investments. This makes it easy for everyone to configure workspace services as per the context and varied profiles. Enterprises will no longer have to undertake long project management lifecycle to onboard key workspace services.

End User Analytics and Business Visualization

WaaS NxT has an built-in, self-learning end-user analytics engine leading to predictable end-user behavior. Workspaces are preset as per the user context and behavior, which helps in using resources optimally. It has highly customizable business-visualization features to create interactive dashboards, views, reports and scorecards.

Enhanced Multi-Tiered and Context-Aware Security

WaaS NxT has context-aware security capabilities as per user’s device, identity, network and application usage. The platform enhances the IT security with data protection and multi-factor authentication across data center, storage, network, applications and end-user devices.

Cloud Pod Architecture

WaaS NxT is built on Cloud Pod architecture, which provides high availability and scale-out of virtual workspaces. It provides load balancing across multiple datacenters and enables end-users with roaming access, regardless of their physical locations. It enables onboarding of next-generation technologies on a single platform, which integrates with technology work streams and provides services seamlessly.

Integrated Operations and Service Management

WaaS NxT has a built-in automation engine providing self-heal and self-configure features. It provides monitoring, topology and profile management information for comprehensive bottom-up and top-down performance management. This helps pinpoint and avoid service outages, resulting in enhanced productivity and user experience.

Built-In Cloudburst Capability

WaaS NxT is equipped with built-in Cloudburst capability for scalability and disaster recovery. It bursts workload into the cloud as demand increases, while maintaining control on performance and resource utilization. It allows applications to auto-scale and clone into the cloud and load balance across private and public clouds.

WaaS NxT improves the efficiency of care by allowing healthcare providers and other employees to work effectively outside of their offices through digital Workspace-as-a-Service.


Emerging technologies have made networks more economical, but challenging, for healthcare organizations.

Already tasked with managing increasingly complex and ever-changing networks, in-house network operations teams must also reduce costs while improving efficiencies.

HCI’s Networks Optimization Services enable healthcare organizations to deliver higher-value digital initiatives built upon robust IT infrastructures. We also help organizations reduce costs and have a record of solid service delivery within health IT infrastructure.

Healthcare organizations benefit from our end-to-end capabilities, particularly when they are in either pre- or post-EHR mode. Our integrated solutions maximize the efficiencies of digitalization and connected technologies while reducing costs.

Network Services

HCI has extensive experience in network services for healthcare organizations. Our services are based on a comprehensive approach to managing delivery and catering to complex technology requirements, as well as business operations.

Technology Development

  • Engineering
  • Applications
  • Frameworks
  • Protocol Stacks

 Network Integration & Engineering

  • Platform Design
  • Network Integration
  • Validation & Testing
  • Test Automation
  • Network-IT integration


  • Green/Brown Field Transformation
  • Stack Rationalization
  • Business Process Consulting
  • Predictive Analytics

 Network Lifecycle Management

  • Build & Operations
  • Planning & Optimization
  • TDM to IP Migration
  • Enterprise Service Delivery

HCI’s Networks Optimization Services enable healthcare organizations to shift the focus and spend associated with keeping-the-light-on (KTLO) to providing value by building upon robust IT infrastructures.

HCI offers proven consulting services to help our clients with every aspect of integration. We ensure that your data is accurate and that the transfer is streamlined to each and every ancillary system. Our integration project resources apply our proven project methodology to ensure that your interfaces are designed and tested effectively.

From identifying trends for managing population health to providing actionable insights for delivering quality care to proving better outcomes for increasing reimbursements, securely storing data and efficiently accessing it are vital for healthcare organizations.

A high-performing server room or data center is essential. IT infrastructure should meet stringent requirements for the reliability and security of information and information systems, 24/7.

HCI’s strength lies in the set-up phase of a data center. After a building is delivered, we can provide services to prepare the space to function as a server room. We install all the infrastructure and installations in the planned locations according to the regulations and drawings. This can include preparing floors and technical systems, ensuring that there is a continuous power supply and cooling in the data center.

HCI also can assist organizations with data center modernization through a hybrid cloud. We help clients complete a technology refresh of their DC assets and adopt public cloud where feasible. HCI’s broad range of data center services for healthcare organizations includes the following:

Renovating data centers

Many data centers are located in buildings where the architectural construction and technical systems are not suitable for use as a data center. This sometimes results in limitations (maximum floor loading, floor area, electricity supply, heat management and physical security). In such cases, HCI can help organizations renovate in order to meet the standard continuity and availability requirements.

Efficient energy use

Energy costs make up a large part of the operating costs of a data center. That is why it is important to install the electricity supply in a sustainable, efficient and therefore economical way. Monitoring the power consumption can provide good opportunities to achieve further savings. We have a platform for energy management (diesel generators, batteries) that enables healthcare organizations to use backup facilities optimally to significantly reduce energy costs.

Management and Maintenance

Repair damage and faults 24/7

  • Service desk: contact point for malfunctions (during and outside office hours) and remote monitoring
  • Physical inspections: The outcomes of inspections are used to create a preventive a maintenance schedule and to build up an asset database
  • Detection equipment: break-in sensors, smoke and water alarms, access control and temperature gauges with central signal monitoring
  • Asset management: With central monitoring, data about the assets are continuously updated
  • Energy management: via ECOTECH platform

Data Center Modernization with Hybrid Cloud

Reduce TCO with optimal distribution of workloads across private clouds. HCI’s Managed Platform for Adaptive Cloud (mPAC) delivers:

  • Private Cloud Infrastructure in an IaaS model
  • Multi-Cloud integration with single pane across AWS, Azure, Google, SoftLayer, OpenStack and VMWare
  • Hybrid Cloud Services such as disaster recovery, data backup and archiving
  • Automation and Analytics

HCI helps healthcare organizations achieve true digital transformation by efficiently securing data and effectively sharing access so it can be leveraged for improved care and performance.

Improved capacity and availability of data center operations leveraging ITIL, ISO and other key industry standards, allows for more secure data and improved disaster recovery and business continuity strategies.

The HCI Group offers cost savings opportunities to your cybersecurity problems while providing the best technology has to offer.


Why worry about cybersecurity? 2019, data shows:

  • There was a 21% increase in malicious cyber-attacks between 2014 and 2019
  • Healthcare data breaches on average cost 65% more than in other industry sectors
  • Healthcare data breaches typically cost $429.00 per record
  • The global average cost of a data breach has increased to $3.92 million


The HCI Group offers a full Security Operations Managed Security Services.

  • Perimeter & endpoint protection
  • Advance threat management 
  • Cloud container microservices
  • IoT/ICS telecom security
  • Data privacy protection
  • Strategic advisory assistance

Level 1 & 2 ITIL services and clinical/physician concierge line pairs with our Training-as-a-Service offering.

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Digital unplugged (7)-1

The fast-changing demands that COVID-19 has placed on healthcare organizations to maintain IT services while addressing the potential increase in patients impacted by the pandemic will stress even the most efficient HIT department. There is a challenge to support core healthcare IT and mission-critical processes, whilst simultaneously leveraging the latest technology innovations to transform your healthcare IT. All while keeping costs to a minimum. 

HCI can provide Remote Infrastructure Management services to help supplement your current IT staff or completely support your infrastructure remotely.  The Remote Infrastructure Management Smodel is the process of managing the IT infrastructure of a hospital entirely or in parts from our domestic and/or offshore support teams.  From normal day to day support, or in extreme circumstances where key staff or skills are not available. 


Benefits of HCI's Remote Infrastructure Management Packages 

Our mature and proven HCI processes and procedures ensure exceptional service delivery to our clients based on industry best practices and international standards. HCI provides this as a global service while still maintaining the healthcare nuances that allow us to customize our services to meet the unique needs of our clients.

  • Cost savings
  • Improved customer satisfaction 
  • Reduced risk 
  • Increased productivity 
  • Flexibility 
  • Efficiency 
  • Boost ROI 
  • Reduce costs

Our Services are packaged as follows:

  • Managed End User Computing (EUC)
  • Managed Network Administration and Monitoring
  • Managed Application and Integration Services
  • Managed Compute and Storage
  • Managed Database Administration
  • Disaster Recover and Business Continuity

Immediate savings of $10m in the first 12 months (2)

HCI’s healthcare IT managed services solutions enable reduction of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Deploying HCI’s tools and IT servers help reduce operating costs by 20-45%. This decrease enables an increase in quality and productivity across the IT organization, ultimately allowing an improved patient experience and growth to the core business.

For more details about this service download the Total Cost of Ownership Overview



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