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Cerner Consulting Services

We Know Cerner

The HCI Group has extensive experience serving Cerner clients across the world. Our involvement extends across the full spectrum of a Cerner implementation from pre-implementation planning, design, build testing, and training, through to clinical application support post go-live. 

Expertise with New and Improved Solutions

As Cerner continues to introduce new and improved solutions, the HCI Group has kept pace. Our Cerner resources understand the integration needs of the clients and have longstanding experience supporting multiple applications, clinical processes and end users. The HCI Group has a recruitment team fully dedicated to finding the best Cerner resources in the industry and is known for providing “hard-to-find” talent. Whether you are looking for expertise to support your internal staff or your end users, you can count on the HCI Group.

epic consulting services

Your Long-Term Cerner Support Partner

The HCI Group realizes that the journey continues after implementation. We strive to be a long-term partner, helping clients realize the value from their investment by providing:

  • Expert application and implementation resources to support your staff and projects
  • Clinical adoption services to ensure your users are using the system efficiently to its fullest capability and are satisfied with the product
  • Optimization methodology coupled with experienced resources to help you address any unexpected process or system issues and take the use of your system to the next level
  • Staffing options, including consulting, temp-to-perm or permanent, to best meet your organizational needs
  • Dedicated Cerner leadership available to support you, no matter where you are in the journey

Our Cerner consultants have a wealth of experience with today’s leading Cerner software modules, including:

Millennium Suite
CPOE and Medication
Device Integrations
Discern Expert
Discern Rules
Millennium Care Aware
Millennium CareNet
Millennium Core Services
Millennium CVNet
Millennium EMAR
Millennium ERM ESM
Millennium FirstNet
Millennium INet
Millennium IView
Millennium Knowledge Solutions
Millennium Message Center
Millennium Open Engine
Millennium Orders Management
Millennium PathNet
Millennium Perioperative Solutions
Millennium PharmNet
Millennium PowerChart
Millennium PowerChart Office
Millennium PowerNote
Millennium PowerPlans
Millennium PowerVision
Millennium PPID
Millennium ProFile
Millennium Provision
Millennium RadNet
Millennium Revenue Cycle Solutions
Zynx Order Set Integration Our Cerner Support Projects

Based on our deep understanding of Cerner’s applications and technologies, our recognized position as Thought Leaders in Healthcare, and our project team’s level of experience, HCI helps organizations ensure a successful Cerner implementation.

Using our in-depth knowledge of Cerner, we offer cost effective solutions for healthcare organizations to train and go-live with Cerner successfully. Recently ranked as the Best-In-KLAS in the Go-Live category, HCI has completed some of the largest Cerner Go-Lives including Adventist, Baptist Health (Jacksonville, FL), and Texas Tech University. 


HCI's Cerner Team

Cerner Go-Live Process

Our leaders are experts in Cerner project management and delivery. Our activation team brings a track record of success using the best known national and international standards. Our onsite project lead is there to ensure an effective and seamless adoption of Cerner, one that will be viewed by the client's clinicians and staff as both high quality and successful. Central to our Cerner Go-Live methodology is that we engage early in the implementation with the client's project leaders. To accomplish this, we begin on our first project planning session and review closely every aspect of your go-live activities.


Go-Live Command Center Planning

We review your approach to command center layout, role/duties for command center leaders, Cerner ticketing intake, ticketing software as well as your process for ticketing resolution and complex ticket escalation. HCI will engage with local project managers to assist with incident management ticketing process and help coordinate the design and functionality of the Cerner command center. 


Appointment Conversion

HCI leaders carefully review appointment conversation plan and potential needs for staffing manual conversions. If additional support for manual conversions is necessary, we can attempt to time the on-boarding process for external resources prior to activation to assist the conversions team. 


Assessing End-User Support

It is important that HCI Leadership meets with site administrators early in the engagement process. It is important to review first-hand the geographic layout of sites going live and assess the number of end users and support type (Front Desk vs Nursing vs Provider) that will be working in each area. In addition, this time allows us to build relationships with site administrators and ensures we gather our assessment data directly from the source. 


Cerner Super Users

A thorough Cerner 'At the Elbow' support assessment requires HCI leadership to understand how you organized your super user program. What initiatives did you design to help make your super users, super? Additionally, we will look to understand of exactly who and where each super user is assigned to work during go-live. 


Workflow Dress Rehearsals

As part of our approach to go-live, we need to uncover your existing plans to support operational/workflow dress rehearsals, we will want to work with your teams internally, assess what has been complete thus far, make adjustments and begin planning for delivery with project coordinators. We will work with your team to build a strategy that focuses on quality and provides a good experience for end users in each department. 


Project Staffing

Our emphasis is on quality. We want to ensure that we cover every conceivable detail as we prepare and deliver your go-live. We will focus our efforts to bring the client exceptional talent from around the industry and will ensure we prepare these individuals with a specialized orientation.


Other areas that will require thought and project leadership include: Designing intraday project communications, Cerner 'At the Elbow' zone support design, shift change agenda, daily reporting tools, ‘At the Elbow’ support project scheduling and gathering KPIs.

Cerrner Go-Live Support

The HCI Cerner Support Solution is focused on the providing clients with solutions that create value and reduce the operational support cost associated with maintaining and supporting Cerner. This is achieved through a blend of Advisory Services, certified and experienced Cerner Analysts, Business Intelligence (BI), Data Analytics, Continual Process Improvement (CPI), Clinical Service Desk (CSD), and Executive oversight.
HCI is uniquely positioned to offer a dedicated, holistic turn-key solution for Cerner clients  that extends from the Cerner implementation through to Go-Live and then support post Go-Live via the Cerner CLinical Service Desk resulting in improved ongoing support and client satisfaction.


The key attributes that differentiate the HCI Cerner Support Model include:

  • Experienced Cerner Analysts – Knowledge and experience is the key. As part of HCI’s Cerner Support Desk, analysts are engaged to resolve tickets versus simply catching and dispatching to the client’s Tier 2 Cerner analysts. This results in a lower open-to-close time, thus improving end-user productivity and satisfaction.
  • Reduction in Cerner Ticket Volume – Unlike other market solutions, HCI does not advocate a per ticket pricing model. Through Problem Management and Root Cause Analysis (RCA), HCI partners with the client to both prevent tickets from being originated as well as resolving tickets at the lowest level of support. Through this approach, HCI has consistently demonstrated the ability to reduce incoming ticket volume.
  • BI & Data Analytics – Visibility across the support spectrum is crucial to lowering support costs. As such, HCI provides an interactive dashboard that takes into account the entire support team (HCI and Client). With visibility into labor distribution, clients are armed with the productivity measures required to make and measure management decisions. Secondly, it is through robust BI and Data Analytics that Problem Management and RCA is achieved; which is often lacking within a standard IT Service Management (ITSM) toolset alone. Lastly, HCI mines and correlates the ticket data in search of training deficiencies and opportunities to close those gaps in the spirit of the common goal to reduce ticket volume.
  • Continual Process Improvement – Through an ITIL framework for ITSM, HCI takes a complete look at the support model from an end-to-end process versus being exclusively focused on just on the HCI delivery of a Cerner Service Desk. With an eye toward continuously strengthening the processes and taking a collaborative approach with its clients, HCI has proven to be able to move to the proverbial needles for ticket and backlog reduction, SLA adherence, open-to-close time, and a shift from incident and maintenance to that of enhancement opportunity.
  • Client Engagement Manager (CEM) – A dedicated CEM is assigned for the day-to-day management of service delivery and operations. The CEM is backed by the HCI Sustain management team with clearly defined escalation paths. This undiluted focus is what allows for the delivery of outstanding service and more importantly, results. Here are some of the results one Service Desk client achieved in under 9 months:


Here are some of the results one Service Desk client achieved in under 9 months:


Cerner Support Desk

Our team takes the time to understand and leverage organizational culture, hierarchy and internal customer dynamics.

Revenue Cycle Management: Improve Charge Capture and Increase Net Revenue with Cerner Soarian Financials Software

Capture additional revenue and operate more efficiently by using Soarian Financials software to streamline the collection and management of financial data and clinical information.

Designed by Siemens to run on the next generation of healthcare information technology infrastructure, Soarian Financials uses a rules-driven approach to improve charge capture and increase first-pass clean claims.

From a single provider to a multi-entity organization, Soarian Financials improves revenue cycle management by standardizing processes across the enterprise, thus ensuring consistency in patient care and billing. Soarian Financials users can:

  • Capture charges as they occur
  • Create a unified patient database and billing solution
  • Customize workflows for clinical specialties
  • Embed payer rules
  • Integrate clinical and financial information
  • Future proof health IT systems by using service-oriented-architecture to adapt to evolutions in technology and changes in payment models.

The HCI Group helps healthcare organizations optimize charge capture processes and maximize net revenue by using Soarian Enterprise Revenue Cycle Management software to improve workflows. As experts in the design, build, and implementation of Soarian Financials applications, our experienced consultants can support you from assessment through optimization.

  • Calculate your potential return on investment based on a true cost of ownership derived from our advanced product knowledge and experience in implementation.
  • Automate charges that were previously manually entered through our understanding of Soarian charge rules and complex clinical workflows.
  • Build a health IT system that meets your organization's specific needs but works around industry best practices.
  • Assess your readiness for go-live through our detailed analysis of your support needs.
  • Speed adoption through user-specific training.
  • Ensure interoperability by testing integration with non-Soarian Financials systems.


The HCI Group's services for Cerner Soarian Financials systems include:

  • Configuration and testing
  • Computerized physician order entry (CPOE) setup
  • Custom programming
  • Process optimization
  • Spreadsheet upload
  • Training and Go-Live support
  • Workflow analysis and design

At The HCI Group, our Cerner Soarian Financials consultants know more than the software. We simplify revenue cycle management, thereby producing benefits such as reducing days in discharged not final billed, write-offs for bad debt or rejected claims, and days in accounts receivable (AR). In helping you manage your revenue cycle more effectively, we assist you in improving the health of your organization and its patients.

A large part of the success of a Cerner Implementation is based on the success of your Cerner Credentialed Trainer Program. HCI provides advanced Cerner training and development programs to guide your staff through and beyond your Cerner implementation. Our Cerner trainers engage with providers in a classroom setting initially that is designed to not only meet the requirements that Cerner provides, but builds on that knowledge using trainers with practical experience and years of project proficiency.


Cerner Training Assessment

Training providers and staff on Cerner takes critical planning and knowledge. Does your organization have both? A Cerner training assessment conducted by The HCI Group identifies strengths and weaknesses in your strategy and staffing model and offers solutions for the pre-live, go-live, post-live and optimization phases of implementation.

No matter where you are in the Cerner implementation process, we can assess your organization’s strategy and training model and provide solutions for optimization. 


Pre-Live Assessments:
The Foundation for a Successful Cerner Training Program

  • Computer Basic Skills and Hands-on Readiness
  • Optimal Team Structure
  • Training Calculator Analysis and Facility Readiness
  • Backfill Planning
  • Communications/Clinician Engagement/Training Plan Synergy and Alignment
  • Playground Rollout Strategy
  • Training Environment Strategy and Management
  • Curricula Development Process and Tracking
  • Super User Program Structure and Activities
  • Learning Management System Administration
  • Critical High-Risk Workflow Curricula Audit: Inclusion and Emphasis
  • Credentialed Trainer Program
  • Manager Training
  • Cerner Go-Live Support Plan


Post-Live Assessments:
Enable Cerner Optimization, Ensure ROI

  • Knowledge Managment System
  • Physician and Staff Productivity, Proficiency and Satisfaction
  • New Hire Training and Onboarding
  • Upgrade and Special Projects Training Strategy
  • Training Enviroment Strategy and Maintenance
  • Critical High-Risk Workflow Curricula Audit: Inclusion and Emphasis
  • Reports Coaching Strategy
  • Enduring Super User Program Structure
  • Meaningful Use Training
  • Rounding and Issue Resolution Protocols and System


Our Cerner Training Methodology

Our Cerner trainers come to clients equipped and prepared to handle the most challenging of circumstances. HCI’s methodology is easily transferable as we are able to bring this knowledge directly to your hospital or a local classroom setting in an effort to help develop and train your staff. In order to develop your ongoing knowledge base, our program and trainers incorporate applicable workflow processes within the context of robust Applications training. In addition, our methodology is to use sound teaching/learning theories in addition to the Cerner functionality.


World Class Cerner Trainers

HCI’s training programs are thorough and build Cerner competency using world class trainers and curriculum that will quickly advance their knowledge of not only various Cerner modules but the client’s unique organizational workflow. We will work with you to incorporate your orientation elements and unique organizational workflow.

Not only do our trainers they understand how adults learn, but they bring best-practice tools and methods forward. The HCI Group will be with you every step of the way and provide:

  • Cerner training plan development and execution
  • Curriculum and content development
  • Domain 
  • Super-user preparedness
  • Training delivery, including web based, classroom and 1:1 training
  • Experienced physician trainers
  • Cerner go-live support
  • Post implementation strategy and support

We are ready to support and lead any and all of your Cerner training efforts so that your staff can learn and focus on preparing for the changes during this critical time.

We have a comprehensive understanding of our industry, so you end up screening only those candidates with the precise skills and experience you need.

Exacting Fits, Project Savings

The backbone of the HCI Group’s success in filling job openings is a recruiting infrastructure, training and methodology unlike anything in the industry. Our dedicated team of recruiters is taught every aspect of the healthcare industry, systems, applications and organizational structure as well as the project-implementation lifecycle. We have a comprehensive understanding of our industry, so you end up screening only those candidates with the precise skills and experience you need.

Using sophisticated recruiting tools and industry-leading social-media recruiting techniques, we tailor our recruitment and staff-fulfillment services to your unique requirements and culture, while also offering significant savings through competitive pricing.

The HCI Group is uniquely positioned to meet the healthcare IT requirements of your organization. We are focused on fine-tuned approaches that ensure a reduction in the cost of healthcare through flexible staffing models that support effective capacity planning. We pride ourselves on offering cost-effective solutions for healthcare companies to plan, implement and sustain health information technology, including but not limited to:

  • Electronic health records (EHR)
  • Integrated enabling technologies
  • Data analytics.


All Vendors, Strategies and Solutions

Assembling a team of such depth and breadth allows the HCI Group to address the entire implementation cycle and to help you achieve effective results on your own schedule. We work in a highly collaborative manner with your staff, stakeholders and others, minimizing transition time and maximizing knowledge sharing, while also producing high-quality deliverables at defined milestones.


People Make the Difference

The HCI Group professionals recruited for your projects are the best in their fields. From clinicians and subject-matter experts to highly skilled HCI Group technical personnel, every candidate we submit will be a fully trained, experienced professional who will understand your needs and provide immediate value for your organization.


Your Full-Service Partner

Many firms are limited and choose only to engage in consulting positions. The HCI Group is committed to being a true partner, helping your information-system department achieve its internal full-time hiring goals as well as providing expert resources for your project consulting needs.


International Presence

The HCI Group is a global firm with consultants spanning eleven time zones in North America, Europe and the Middle East. With international offices strategically located in the United Kingdom, we are a key player in the effort to expand healthcare information technology to clients, partners and governmental agencies around the world.

Learn more from the experts

The HCI Group host regular webinars exploring current topics within the healthcare IT industry.

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Trusted Vendor

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