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Digital Strategy Consultants

HCI Advisory Services provides the support needed to plan and procure healthcare technology that delivers transformative change, and helps secure the necessary clinical and leadership engagement to enable successful long-term use. 

The service allows us to deliver projects for strategy documents, business cases, readiness and vendor assessments, staff and clinical engagement and pre-implementation planning. We assist with procurement, contract negotiation, and activities such as total cost of ownership and benefits realisation. HCI Advisory Services can create structures to get clinicians and leaders on board. We help you show how IT can enable transformative change. 

Our expert team offers strategy and advisory services offering the following benefits:

  • Governance function to set programme structures and priorities
  • Change management, expectation setting and benefits tracking
  • Revenue generation and financial modelling and analysis
  • Programme management including project charter and scope 
  • Risk assessment and critical path analysis 
  • Clinical and administrative workflow and IT integration
  • Subject matter expertise and methodologies 
  • Communication strategy and management, and feedback tools
  • Organisational development and process improvement
  • Root cause analysis, strategic and tactical planning.

Looking to accelerate your digital transformation initiatives?


Harness the benefits


Whether you need help with documentation, establishing baseline metrics, benchmarking industry good practice, or reviewing  advanced technologies, HCI Advisory Services has the skillset to help you deliver high quality outputs that have an impact across the organisation. 

Clinical engagement is a critical part of healthcare technology development. We establish the forums and structures that enable your organisational leaders and stakeholders to play an active role in the use of transformational technology. 

Our experienced team advises and supports a wide range of healthcare IT projects and programmes. 

We help develop and assure the essential components that form a part of technology- enabled transformation. Change is inevitable; HCI Advisory Services has the necessary skills to make sure that your technology heads in the right direction.