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Augmented Intelligence in Healthcare

Tech Mahindra’s AI First approach helps healthcare and life science organisations improve patient relationships through personalised services, and saving time on tedious manual practices, opening various roads into making better healthcare and life sciences services available to all.

Our AI solutions are revolutionising healthcare


A conversational analytics solution that helps healthcare organisations make sense out of the enormous repositories of patient interaction data across various channels. Key stakeholders better understand and serve their patients and make decisions based on objectively scored data.


Our in house workflow and data management tool which enables you to perform and manage human annotation tasks easily. Enabled by our human in the loop services, the tool provides a platform for services such as collection, quality grading, transcription and annotation over multiple data types.


An enterprise AI/ML platform offering from
Tech Mahindra built upon the open source
Acumos™ platform for an enhanced end to end CX for building AI ecosystem.


An advanced analytics framework which works on unification of data from various data sources and creating optimal model selections for generating actionable insights.


A legal artificial assistant (L’AILA), powered by a natural language processing (NLP) based
platform to extract critical clauses from contract
documents and perform subsequent actions.