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    The HCI Group NextGen Go-Live Support

    NextGen Go-Live Support

    Our NextGen Go-Live support team brings a track record of success by using proven methods and practices. Using our in-depth knowledge of EHR’s, we help to offer effective solutions that can result in a successful Go-Live and Activation for your organization during their NextGen Go-Live. With the numerous successful Go-Lives that we have assisted in – we know what it takes.

    How can We Help Your NextGen Go-Live?


    We have the skills and resources that your organization needs for their NextGen Go-Live to be successful:

    • Experience with Go-Lives across the world
    • Resource Coordinators/Managers
    • Logistics Coordinators
    • People, Clinical, and Technical Skills
    • Project Teams
    • NextGen Go-Live ATE Professional Support

    Proven Practices

    We also have several proven practices that can help to assist your organization during your NextGen Go-Live:

    • Project Staffing
    • End-User Support Assessment
    • Appointment Conversion
    • NextGen Super User Support
    • Workflow Dress Rehearsals
    • Go-Live Command Center Planning


    All of the staff that The HCI Group brings on to assist with your NextGen Go-Live must have multiple previous experiences dealing with Go-Lives before we approve them to be deployed. This experience helps reassure your end-users and gain the trust of your staff. We understand that not everyone easily adapts to change, which is why we choose staff members who have a calming influence and who can be looked at as trusted mentors.

    Our proven eight-step method, as well as our ability to analyze workflows and assemble experienced staff can help make sure that your NextGen Go-Live is successful. For more information on how the HCI Group can assist in your Go-Live project, visit our EHR Go-Live Support page, here.

    NextGen Go-Live

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