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The HCI Group McKesson Training Services

McKesson Training Services

When it comes to training for McKesson, your organization will need a training strategy based on sound teaching/learning theory, EHR training principles, project management, and redesign principles. The HCI Group uses several proven methods that can help your McKesson Training project through:

  • Focus groups to identify lessons learned from the Ambulatory training phase
  • A skilled executive Training Leadership Team
  • An experienced On-Site Training Director and experienced Coordinators
  • An evaluation of training data from the previous training phase
  • Identification of training needs based on focus group, and a computer skills assessment
  • Revised and enhanced Training Charter developed with new Training Advisory Group

Customized McKesson Training

The HCI Group can help your organization develop an customized Training Plan designed around the EHR Project Plan, Guiding Principles, McKesson structure and needs, and best practices for Training. Our skilled trainers will be able to assist in various areas such as:

  • Evaluating remediation and development needs of Instructional Designers
  • Implementing a McKesson Training Advisory Group
  • Refine McKesson’s Training Plan and make it department and discipline based
  • Designing Training Plans by discipline for Nursing, Providers, Ancillaries, and Revenue areas.
  • Developing shared recruitment plan for McKesson Trainers
  • Work with TAG to design an Integrated Training Communication Plan
  • Work with Project Team to revise an integrated Training and Readiness and Adoption Plan

Creating a Comprehensive McKesson Training Curriculum

We can work together with your organization to develop a McKesson Training Curriculum that is both role and workflow based, and that uses a blended learning approach. We can provide:

  • Early evaluation of the Security download to identify all roles
  • Early Department Shadowing to ensure all roles have been identified
  • Refine McKesson Training Matrices
  • Refine of McKesson lesson plans
  • Use of a robust and customized e-learning component

Your McKesson Training project is something that we take very seriously, and we can help to ensure that it will be a smooth process, ultimately leading into successfully implementing and optimizing your McKesson software.

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