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The HCI Group McKesson Go-Live Support

McKesson Go-Live Support

Before your McKesson Go-Live even takes place, the HCI Group will lay the groundwork that will help to eliminate problems and gain the trust of your clinicians and staff. We will study your workflows and follow the same formula that has helped us to assist in hundreds of successful Go-Lives, ensuring that your McKesson Go-Live will be no different.

What We Can Bring To Your McKesson Go-Live:

Skills Built Through Experience

We can provide the necessary skills that will prove to be invaluable during your McKesson Go-Live:

  • Clinical Skills
  • People Skills
  • Technical Skills
  • Go-Live Experience

Necessary Resources

We can provide the resources that your organization needs:

  • Project Teams
  • Experienced ATE McKesson Go-Live Professionals
  • Logistics Coordinators
  • Resource Managers
  • Resource Coordinators

Tested Strategies

In addition, we can provide key strategies that can ensure success during your McKesson Go-Live:

  • McKesson Super User Support
  • Workflow Dress Rehearsals
  • Go-Live Command Center Planning
  • Project Staffing
  • End-User Support Assessment
  • Appointment Conversion

Through our wealth of experience, as well as our proven eight-step method, we can help assure that you will have success during your organization’s Go-Live. For more information on how the HCI Group can assist in your Go-Live project, make sure to visit our EHR Go-Live support page, here.

McKesson Go-Live Support

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