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The HCI Group McKesson Data Migration

McKesson Data Migration Services

Data migration is, in essence, the extraction and cleansing of data that is essential to the processes of a new EMR and your different workflows. This is not a simple process, as it can take a good investment of both time and money, and should not be viewed as a simple movement and restructuring of your information. At the HCI Group, we can help you make this investment into a McKesson Data Migration not only an effective one, but one that will lead to better overall patient care for your entire organization.

McKesson Data Migration Areas of Benefit

There are several areas that organizations need to be prepared for when it comes to migrating their data. We can help in these areas, such as:

  • Not Disregarding Qualified Resources
  • Taking Metrics into Account
  • Sufficiency, Validation, and Auditing
  • Testing Production Data

Our ability to help in these areas is influenced by the fact that we have a comprehensive experience of what needs to be done in order to achieve success in your data migration project. Our expertise, combined with our quality and affordability, make us a great partner for your McKesson Data Migration project.

McKesson Data Migration Services We Can Offer

We offer several services to assist in your McKesson Data Migration Project, such as:

  • Legacy Support
  • Monthly Support Agreements
  • Data Conversion Experts
  • Integration/Application Training
  • Integration Assessments
  • Integration Training
  • Integration Engine Upgrades/Enhancements
  • Integration Developers
  • Integration Project Managers

HCI’s McKesson Data Migration Methodology

One of the reasons that we have been through so many successful data migration projects is due to the fact that our methods are proven to be effective. We follow strict timelines to keep projects on schedule, and can assure your organization that the necessary steps are being taken to make the process as error-free and secure as possible. We want the same thing that your organization does – better care for your patients


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