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The HCI Group Cerner Training

Cerner Training

A large part of the success of a Cerner Implementation is based on the success of your Cerner Credentialed Trainer Program.

HCI provides advanced Cerner training and development programs to guide your staff through and beyond your Cerner implementation. Our Cerner trainers engage with providers in a classroom setting initially that is designed to not only meet the requirements that Cerner provides, but builds on that knowledge using trainers with practical experience and years of project proficiency.

Cerner Training Assessment

Training providers and staff on Cerner takes critical planning and knowledge. Does your organization have both? A Cerner training assessment conducted by The HCI Group identifies strengths and weaknesses in your strategy and staffing model and offers solutions for the pre-live, go-live, post-live and optimization phases of implementation.

No matter where you are in the Cerner implementation process, we can assess your organization’s strategy and training model and provide solutions for optimization. 

Pre-Live Assessments:
The Foundation for a Successful Cerner Training Program

  • Computer Basic Skills and Hands-on Readiness
  • Optimal Team Structure
  • Training Calculator Analysis and Facility Readiness
  • Backfill Planning
  • Communications/Clinician Engagement/Training Plan Synergy and Alignment
  • Playground Rollout Strategy
  • Training Environment Strategy and Management
  • Curricula Development Process and Tracking
  • Super User Program Structure and Activities
  • Learning Management System Administration
  • Critical High-Risk Workflow Curricula Audit: Inclusion and Emphasis
  • Credentialed Trainer Program
  • Manager Training
  • Cerner Go-Live Support Plan

Post-Live Assessments:
Enable Cerner Optimization, Ensure ROI

  • Knowledge Managment System
  • Physician and Staff Productivity, Proficiency and Satisfaction
  • New Hire Training and Onboarding
  • Upgrade and Special Projects Training Strategy
  • Training Enviroment Strategy and Maintenance
  • Critical High-Risk Workflow Curricula Audit: Inclusion and Emphasis
  • Reports Coaching Strategy
  • Enduring Super User Program Structure
  • Meaningful Use Training
  • Rounding and Issue Resolution Protocols and System

Our Cerner Training Methodology

Our Cerner trainers come to clients equipped and prepared to handle the most challenging of circumstances. HCI’s methodology is easily transferable as we are able to bring this knowledge directly to your hospital or a local classroom setting in an effort to help develop and train your staff. In order to develop your ongoing knowledge base, our program and trainers incorporate applicable workflow processes within the context of robust Applications training. In addition, our methodology is to use sound teaching/learning theories in addition to the Cerner functionality.

World Class Cerner Trainers

HCI’s training programs are thorough and build Cerner competency using world class trainers and curriculum that will quickly advance their knowledge of not only various Cerner modules but the client’s unique organizational workflow. We will work with you to incorporate your orientation elements and unique organizational workflow.

Not only do our trainers they understand how adults learn, but they bring best-practice tools and methods forward. The HCI Group will be with you every step of the way and provide:

  • Cerner training plan development and execution
  • Curriculum and content development
  • Domain 
  • Super-user preparedness
  • Training delivery, including web based, classroom and 1:1 training
  • Experienced physician trainers
  • Cerner go-live support
  • Post implementation strategy and support

We are ready to support and lead any and all of your Cerner training efforts so that your staff can learn and focus on preparing for the changes during this critical time.

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"HCI consultants were very much ‘experts’ in this area, and were very familiar with our software vendor’s application and the ‘softer side’ of managing people through tremendous change.”
—Bill Eubanks, SVP & CIO, UMC Health Systems (Texas Tech University)

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