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The HCI Group Healthcare IT Podcast

Healthcare IT Podcast

Healthcare IT Podcast

The HCI Group launched our Healthcare IT Podcast series on October 3, 2016. Our show, which airs weekly on Monday mornings, consists of conversations between our host, HCI’s Tom Letro, and various subject matter experts in the healthcare field.

Subscribe to the Healthcare IT Podcast in iTunesIn these conversations we answer some of the important questions that are being asked in the healthcare field today, from EHR system selection to ongoing optimization, and everything in between. You can subscribe to the podcast here.


EHR Implementation: David Chou on Change, Communication & Leadership


Healthcare Cybersecurity: UBA & Insider/Outsider Threat


Post EMR Implementation: Operational Readiness & Support


EHR Training: Discussion on Costs, Scheduling, and Best Practices


Epic Upgrades: Key Strategies and Cost Considerations


Healthcare Innovation: What 2025 Will Look Like, and How to Prepare


EHR Implementation: Thoughts on the Role of Leadership


EMR Training: What Goes in to Achieving High Levels of Adoption


Why PMO is Beneficial to Organizations in Achieving their Goals


EHR Training: Developing Your Curriculum, Using Your LMS, and Organizing Your CTs


EPR Readiness: What Goes Into an EPR Implementation, and How to Prepare


EHR Training: Best Methods for Ongoing New Hire Training


Epic Community Connect: Preparation, Leadership, and Marketing 


MACRA: Preparation, Benefits, and Third-Party Assistance



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