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Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting vs. Traditional Hosting Applications

Traditional hosting applications are growing ever more costly and complicated for healthcare organizations. Time and resources are being consumed in maintaining current services, and additional costs are being incurred in upgrading and refreshing hardware.

Additionally, both healthcare providers and patients are now even more accustomed to the 24/7 continuous availability they receive from online retailers and financial institutions. As such, they expect – and even demand - such access and services in a healthcare environment.

The need to cut costs and further improve the quality of care is driving digital transformation within the healthcare industry. Today, healthcare providers are embracing cloud services as a strategic, effective and quality-driven alternative to traditional services. Implementing cloud hosting means faster responsiveness to organizational needs, as well allowing agility to build new business capabilities quicker.

What can we achieve?


  • Design & Implement Cloud Architecture to provide the highest level of performance and redundancy
  • Templated “Infrastructure as Code” approach for consistent and expedited implementation and support
  • Elastic and scalable architectures available for on-demand capacity models
  • Fast Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) enabled by our engineered Disaster Recovery (DR) solution
  • Improved Virtual Machines (VM) performance, Solid State Disk technologies, and other enabling technologies with better-equipped cloud vendor to handle workloads that are more complex
  • Reduce expense and risk management by delivering “continuously-available” EHR environment
  • Reduce the cost of ownership with leveraged services and data-driven approach to performance and capacity utilization
  • Pay-as-you-grow subscription supports a utility model that is based on a subscription service with predetermined service levels

Hybrid Hosting Approach

Utilizing our experience working with healthcare provider clients, The HCI Group has the practical experience to deliver fault-tolerant, highly available infrastructures for those looking to migrate their systems onto the cloud. Our systems address the three key questions of all healthcare providers.

Will it reduce my costs?

Our cloud hosting service can provide significant cost savings compared to traditional data centers and remote hosting providers, as well as eliminate infrastructure costs on required clinical and non-clinical system upgrades.

Will it be highly available?

Cloud computing by design, is continually available. We designed a hosting solution to take advantage of those attributes. Our approach can deliver a highly available healthcare applications experience, as a fully redundant application platform and disaster recovery as a service, managed and monitored 24/7 by application and infrastructure specialists.

Will it be Secure?

With Personal Health Information (PHI) involved, security in the cloud is a primary design requirement. Security-focused service level strategies can better focus on client satisfaction and enables communication, keeping clients well informed. This approach helps to encourage trust and confidence by emphasizing security measures undertaken against risks to the cloud.

Cloud Readiness Assessment

To ensure that a healthcare organization is cloud ready, The HCI Group has developed a Cloud Readiness Assessment designed to examine layers of the EHR architecture and the supporting infrastructure. One of our goals is helping healthcare IT providers to prepare for delivering critical application services like EHR in the cloud.

It is important for clients to select service providers that bring a well-established team of experienced and cloud-certified professionals. Leveraging experienced IT staff and experts in clinical applications, as well as pre-developed processes, best practices and lessons learned, will enable our clients to avoid a wide range of performance, capacity and operational challenges.

We will leverage our experienced IT staff and experts in clinical applications, as well as pre-developed processes, best practices and lessons learned will enable our customers to avoid a wide range of performance, capacity and operational challenges.

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