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Advanced Analytics

As hospitals settle into their new EMRs, ERPs, and other enterprise applications, the requests for data are exploding. Finding the insights and value through innovative and valuable ways is becoming the priority, but it is also challenging. 

Now, more than ever, CIOs and CDOs need to be deliberate in creating a data strategy that encompasses the advanced analytics and artificial intelligence capabilities and competencies. One approach is to start with the end in mind and to focus on how to think of your data strategy from the perspective of outcomes versus pure technology.

advanced analytics

Getting to Advanced Analytics

With enterprise data warehouses, big data platforms, and various reporting applications, your organization has invested heavily.

  • How do you use your abundance of data to extract more value?
  • How do you get outcome-driven advanced analytics use cases?
  • How do you build the right culture in your organization?

With our assessment and implementation framework, The HCI Group can help. Our thought leaders can identify your organization’s strengths and opportunities to design the right models to create a successful and valuable advanced analytics capability.


The HCI Group's Data Strategy Approach


Core Technology

We analyze your current data management technology stack, identifying strengths and opportunities to guide your future investments in advanced analytics.


We look at the skills and culture of the current analytics functions to identify the right type of leaders, technologists and data scientists needed to succeed.


Certain levels of proficiency are needed in data and project governance in advanced analytics. We look at the current structures and recommend policies and practices that will enable value-driven use cases.

Responsibility & Ethics

In machine learning, deep learning, and artificial intelligence, it is crucial to have the appropriate reviews of data usage, traceability, and explainability. We can help design the right review committee to ensure ethical use.

Aligning Strategies

The more impactful use cases align with your organization’s strategic plan. Your data strategy should compliment that. HCI can work with you to ensure alignment in strategies.


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